Biden moves from national disgrace to global embarrassment after this remarkable revelation following the G20

Joe Biden has been bringing national shame to the office of the President since his rise to power.

His handlers have continuously made attempts to cover up and even prevent his embarrassing gaffes.

Now Biden moves from national disgrace to global embarrassment after this remarkable revelation following the G20.

Joe Biden forgot what continent he is on in latest gaffe at G20

Joe Biden has had many embarrassing moments as President of the United States. 

From falling up stairs to falling off his bike – he continues to amaze us all.

Now Biden is fresh off a visit to Cambodia for the annual G20 summit where he met with distinguished leaders from all over the world. 

The summit of course was chock full of fresh gaffes.

He started out the summit in strong form mixing up the countries of Cambodia and Columbia. 

Biden said, “I look forward to building even stronger progress than we’ve already made. I want to thank the prime minister of Colombia’s leadership as ASEAN chair.”

Biden seemed to be lost and didn’t know that he was in southeast Asian as opposed to South America.

But that’s nothing compared to what happened next.

Biden’s cheat sheet told him not only what to do but what to think

Biden was exposed for using a cheat sheet that told him everything he was supposed to do. 

It covered when and where to sit, who to speak with, and even who to take photos with.

The cheat strangely detailed commentary on the list of events. 

This implies his handlers aren’t just needing to tell him what to say but also what to think.

At one point his instructions read, “The project YOU announce will illustrate the success and benefits of the PGII [Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment] model, one rooted in high standards that aims to finance transformative infrastructure and mobilize investments across the full project lifecycle . . . in partnership with host countries . . . ”

This isn’t the first time that this has happened, but it was an incredible sight amongst the most powerful leaders in the world. 

Biden showed total weakness.

Events reminded everyone of June when he was told by notecard “YOU take YOUR seat”

In June, Biden also exposed his weak memory and mental acuity when he needed detailed instructions to have a meeting with wind energy executives.

Those instructions told Biden when to “enter the Roosevelt Room” and reminded him to “say hello to participants.” 

They then went on to tell him “YOU take YOUR seat” and “YOU give brief comments (2 minutes).”

If this wasn’t important enough, it even told him to ask one executive a question. 

It didn’t specify the question. 

Just any would do. 

Then of course it reminded him, “YOU depart.”

Imagine if Biden wasn’t told to depart. 

He may have stayed in the Roosevelt room for the past five months.

On a more serious note, these cheat sheets should send a chilling message to Americans. 

Someone is instructing the President of the United States on what to do every step of the way.

The people deserve to know who these handlers are and where they get their instructions from.

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