Biden is refusing to take any accountability for his failures that are ripping America apart

When it comes to being a strong and effective leader, accountability is the name of the game.

Who can forget Truman’s “The Buck Stops Here!” sign?

But somebody should tell this to Joe Biden as he refuses to take any accountability for his failures that are ripping America apart.

Ever since Joe Biden took the oath of office, this nation has declined very rapidly.

Practically every aspect of life in America has gotten worse under Biden’s watch.

Whether it is record crime, record high inflation, high gas prices, broken supply chains, botched handlings of high profile foreign affairs, or employment crises, this country is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Not every single one of these factors is completely Joe Biden’s fault, but when you are a leader, that does not matter.

It is your job to own up and fix it.

But this is not in Biden’s playbook whatsoever.

So far Biden has gone to very extreme lengths to deflect as much blame as he can get away with.

This includes blaming every economic problem on Russia, Vladimir Putin, and/or Donald Trump.

In order to do so, Biden has employed TikTok celebrities to woo over young voters and to spread his lies and distortions.

Biden has also taken advantage of social media, and the few speaking events his handlers allow him to attend, to deflect as much blame as possible.

An excellent example came just the other day when one of Joe Biden’s spokespersons, Jen Psaki, went on the “Pod Save America” podcast.

When asked about the failures of the Biden administration, Psaki replied, “Really, if you look at the other side, they have nothing in the cupboard. They have no plan”

This is exactly what Biden’s team has been doing the second things started to turn south for Biden.

As it stands, Biden’s approval ratings are averaging in the 40% range, which is pathetically low to say the very least.

Biden can deflect blame as much as he wants, but the American people are a lot smarter than he thinks.

The Midterm elections will be the ultimate test of whether the American people are truly happy with Joe Biden’s America.

However, all indicators are pointing to Democrats taking an absolute beating this November.

The House of Representatives is likely to flip and the Senate may do so as well.

Only time will tell when it comes to Biden’s legacy, but it looks like he will be compared to the likes of Jimmy Carter, who was an absolutely horrible leader and President.

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