Biden is being roasted for his proposal to ban one of the most common guns in America

The right to bear arms is a natural right that people have enjoyed long before it was recorded in the Bill of Rights. 

In fact, every dictator’s first move has historically been to ban private ownership of guns and there is good reason for that. 

Joe Biden is now following this same path but is being absolutely roasted for his proposal to ban one of the most common types of guns in America. 

What’s so difficult for politicians to understand?

The right to bear arms is a fundamental freedom that helps to secure all other freedoms for the American public. 

As soon as the right to bear arms is taken away, it won’t be long before all of the other freedoms and rights we enjoy are taken with them. 

An armed civilian population is an essential check and balance to the government whose natural tendency is to seize more and more freedoms from the people in exchange for government control. 

But like clockwork, following several horrific mass shootings, the Left has launched an all-out crusade to take away this essential freedom from law-abiding Americans. 

Rather than look into the root causes of these mass shootings (such as broken homes and severe mental health issues) the Left is targeting their political enemies, such as the National Rifle Association and law-abiding gun owners. 

NRA members and law-abiding gun owners help to make communities safe and have absolutely nothing to do with these tragedies carried out by evil individuals. 

In spite of that fact, the radical Left marches on. 

And their new policy proposal should shock everyone. 

Biden left jaws on the floor with this statement

Recently, Joe Biden revealed what his fellow leftists have been dreaming for years about banning private gun ownership. 

In this instance, Joe Biden suggested that 9mm handguns, which make up roughly 40% of handguns, should be banned. 

Joe Biden claimed, “There’s simply no rational basis for [9mm handguns] in terms of self-protection, hunting.” 

He then went on to claim, “And remember: the Constitution, Second Amendment are never absolute.”

Republicans were quick to push back

Immediately, Joe Biden was roasted for these foolish and completely unhinged comments. 

Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA) said it best by declaring, “Biden finally admitted how widespread the Socialist-Democrats’ gun control agenda is when he calls for the banning of handguns that citizens use to keep their families safe from criminals.”

Scalise added, “As Joe Biden continues to double down on his anti-Second Amendment agenda and threaten the rights of law-abiding gun owners, he has forgotten the constitutional right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to preserving our liberty as Americans.” 

Exactly, once again, Scalise hit the nail on the head. 

Joe Biden has completely lost his mind if he thinks banning 9mm handguns is plausible or worthwhile. 

The Left is more brazen about taking guns than ever before, and it is up to every freedom-loving American to push back against this radical agenda. 

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