Bernie Sanders was left shaking with rage after experts issued this dire warning to the American people

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

It is impossible to truthfully deny that left-wing terrorism is on the rise in America. 

Nearly every American community is infected with woke left-wing radicals who are not afraid to use violence in an attempt to get their way.

But Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) is shaking with rage after experts issued this dire warning. 

Left-wing terrorism poses a significant threat to America

Time and time again, leftists make the claim that Trump supporters, and Republicans in general, are the biggest threat to America. 

However, many experts agree that the opposite is true, and are now sounding the alarm about the rise of left-wing terrorism in America. 

UN investigator Reem Alsalem, who has served as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls since August 2021, is one such expert. 

In an editorial for The Daily Mail, Alsalem and other experts coined the term “Trantifa,” claiming the term was “coined on social media to highlight the strong transgender presence within the anarchist outfit.”

She added that this term refers to “far-left transgender activists willing to intimidate, harass and even use violence to advance their radical new ideas about gender.” 

Alsalem specifically cited the case of women’s sports activist Riley Gaines, who was brutally attacked at San Francisco State University after holding a peaceful speaking event. 

“Trans activists gravitate towards these very far-left groups, because they share their anarcho-communist type ideology,” Town Hall senior writer Julio Rosas told The Daily Mail.

“They view the US as systemically racist, that it’s subjugated queer people, and that states passing laws against child mutilations is part of a trans genocide,” she added. “And they’re fighting back.”

A prime example of the woke left-wing outrage mob’s violence and hatred was the Trans Radical Activist Network’s Trans Day of Vengeance. 

This “day of vengeance” was supposed to encompass a protest outside the United States Supreme Court building, but was eventually canceled after a transgender extremist committed the horrific mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, killing three children and three adults.

Many experts believe that the Nashville shooter was inspired by this radical organization. 

The bottom line is that the woke left-wing outrage mob is out of control, and more than prepared to resort to violence to protect and advance their extremist agenda of promoting the mutilation of small children, and other horrific crimes against humanity. 

Left-wing extremism isn’t being taken seriously to America’s detriment

Although left-wing radicals are terrorizing communities across America, Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland and the rest of the ruling class elites only care about imprisoning former President Donald Trump. 

Federal law enforcement agencies, like the FBI, are no longer interested in protecting the American people, but rather, in attacking anyone who dares to disagree with Democrats.

On a daily basis, woke left-wing extremists are making bomb threats, defacing churches and pregnancy crisis centers, and more, yet Joe Biden and his regime do not care one bit. 

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