Bernie Sanders’ new woke plan to “fix” the healthcare system will leave you pulling your hair out

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

As America inches closer to November’s Presidential election, much attention is being paid to President Joe Biden’s age and mental capacity. 

Meanwhile socialist Bernie Sanders is even older than Biden but yet he refuses to go away. 

And now Bernie Sanders’ new woke plan to “fix” the healthcare system will leave you pulling your hair out.

Bernie’s “everything free” platform 

Prior to the 2016 Presidential campaign, Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) was a little-known, self-proclaimed socialist from the Democrat-controlled state of Vermont. 

But then he ran in the Democratic Presidential Primary, and almost upended former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s second White House bid in 2020.

Sanders ran again in 2020, and once again finished second, this time to President Joe Biden. 

Sanders’ campaign could be summed up with, “Seize every penny from every American who is doing well, and then make everything free.” 

The centerpiece of his Everything is Free platform was healthcare. 

Sanders almost comically repeated the line that, “Healthcare is a basic human right.” 

And he eventually championed the unworkable plan of “Medicare for All.” 

After two failed Presidential campaigns, Sanders is still focusing on developing plans to bankrupt the country, destroy the American healthcare system, and ensure millions of Americans no longer receive the quality of care they need in the name of free healthcare.

But his latest plan adds a new woke twist. 

Bernie pushes for DEI doctors 

During a recent Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions committee hearing, the Democrat socialist Senator went on a tirade about the lack of diversity in the medical field. 

Apparently, Sanders believes one of the biggest problems with American healthcare is that there are simply too many white doctors. 


During the hearing, Sanders called for more black, Hispanic, and Native American doctors, arguing an increase in racial diversity amongst doctors would somehow magically improve the “health outcomes” for so-called “oppressed communities.”

“When black, Latino, and Native American patients have access to black, Latino and Native American doctors, their health outcomes substantially improve,” Sanders claimed. “They’re more likely to receive preventative services. They’re more satisfied with their care. And they’re more likely to live longer and happier lives.” 

Of course, Sanders provided zero actual evidence to support his claims – his “happier lives” claim specifically is literally impossible to quantify and substantiate.

But you’ll notice that the socialist Senator didn’t include a need to increase the number of Asian doctors, as they already represent a disproportionate percentage of doctors.

Is Sanders suggesting that Asian doctors can’t provide patients of different ethnicities with positive “health outcomes?”

And if he is implying that, based on Democrats’ own woke standard, wouldn’t that be racist? 


Sanders’ comments received a great deal of backlash on social media. 

The consensus seems to be that the overwhelming majority of Americans from all walks of life want the most qualified doctors regardless of their race or any other arbitrary characteristic.

Juanita Broaddrick summed up what many were saying: 

“Hey Bernie,” Broaddrick tweeted. “How bout we just have the most capable physicians regardless if they’re black, white, polka dot or purple.”

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