Ben Shapiro just teamed up with this top rapper for one anti-woke anthem that has Democrats’ media allies losing their minds

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Ben Shapiro is undoubtedly one of the conservative movement’s top intellectual thinkers.

He’ll also never be mistaken for the “cool guy” at any party.

But now Ben Shapiro just teamed up with this top rapper for one anti-woke anthem that has Democrats’ media allies losing their minds.

2024’s version of the Odd Couple

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro is one of the leading voices of the conservative movement. 

Tom MacDonald is an anti-woke rapper who rails against the current state of culture and society. 

Sapiro is an Orthodox Jews who wears a yarmulke, while MacDonald is covered in tattoos and wears dreadlocks.  

No one would expect this odd couple to have lunch together, let alone form a partnership. 

But Shapiro and MacDonald have come together thanks to the one thing they have in common: Democrats absolutely hate both of them. 

Why? Because while they may be from different worlds, they speak the truth and break down Democrats’ phony narratives. 

And now, they’re dropping truth bombs together in their new song, Facts

Tom MacDonald and Ben Shapiro spit straight facts

Last May, Shapiro interviewed MacDonald for The Daily Wire. 

In the interview, MacDonald called himself the “Ben Shapiro of rap.” 

Shapiro responded by saying he’d be game to do a collaboration at some point. 

As it turns out, the offer wasn’t said merely as a nicety, and the two have now collaborated on a song based on Shapiro’s famous “facts don’t care about your feelings.”

Needless to say, it quickly hit number one on the iTunes rap charts.

“They call me offensive, controversial, there’s only two genders, boys and girls,” the song begins. 

“Claim that I’m racist, yeah, alright, I’m not ashamed because I’m white, if every Caucasian’s a bigot, I guess every Muslim’s a terrorist, every liberal is right,” MacDonald continues. 

During Shapiro’s portion of the song, he reminds leftists he doesn’t care if he offends them – in fact, he thrives off it. 

“Let’s look at the stats, I’ve got the facts, my money like Lizzo, my pockets are fat,” Shapiro begins. “Look at the graphs, look at my charts, you’re blowing money on strippers and cars, you’re going to prison, I’m on television. Dawgs, no one knows who you are, keep hating on me on the internet, my comments section all woke Karens, and I make racks off compound interest, y’all live with your parents. Nicki, take some notes, I just did this for fun, all my people download this, let’s get a Billboard number one.” 

The curious case of Big Media coping

If MacDonald and Shapiro were aiming to trigger the self-proclaimed “Social Justice Warriors,” mission accomplished. 

TMZ and Newsweek each rushed out urging people not to listen to the song by cherry picking social media posts from offended snowflakes claiming the song sucks. 

The Daily Beast also put its cringe-worthy coping on full display.

“Of course, the whole thing is purposely cringe, which is the entire point,” the Daily Beast wrote in its review. “Whether it’s MacDonald wearing an ‘I Don’t Care If I Offend You’ hoodie in the video, or Shapiro spitting verses like ‘Homie I’m epic/don’t be a WAP,’ the song is merely another lazy exercise in titillating easily entertained conservatives while supposedly enraging “snowflake” liberals.” 

You’ll notice that conservatives are supposedly “easily entertained,” but yet, it’s leftists who are eating up the so-called “comedy” Saturday Night Live and the network late-night shows are churning out.

Mediate complained that Shapiro was promoting the song on his social media accounts, as if every artist in the industry doesn’t do that with each new release. 

The Root labeled the song “the worst form of cultural appropriation,” because white people aren’t allowed to rap, but people of all races are (rightfully) encouraged to sing country music and drive stock cars.

The Wrap called the Jewish Shapiro a “white supremacist” with no evidence to back up the slanderous claim because none exists. 

And then there was this review from Newsone. 

“Now, people are commenting that they didn’t have Shapiro busting an excruciatingly Caucasian rhyme in a viral video wasn’t on their Bingo cards—considering he spent years vehemently denouncing rap music as some sort of ghetto plague sullying the American arts—but if you had been paying attention to the cultural shift among neo-conservatives, you would know that the tighty-righty-whitey brigade has done a 180 on its anti-rap stance now that its trying to appeal to Black voters and shed its old, white and stale image,” Newsone wrote in a run-on sentence. “They’re apparently going for a young, 99% white and stale identity now.” 

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