Barack Obama made one promise that is falling apart thanks to his Presidential library in Chicago

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The corporate-controlled media likes to paint Barack Obama as some sort of messiah.

As far as they’re concerned the man can literally walk on water.

But now Barack Obama made one promise that is falling apart thanks to his Presidential library in Chicago.

Obama Presidential Center made big promises when it was announced

The Obama Presidential Center is an ongoing $500 million project that has taken over 19 acres on the South Side of Chicago.

The center will feature the standard Presidential museum, a public library, playground, and community centers.

The project is mostly being funded by private donations – most of which aren’t publicly disclosed – and Obama has promised that it would help breathe new life into the area.

In 2018, he said that the space had “a long way to go in terms of economic development.” 

He said that the South Side was laden with “broken curbs, and trash and boarded-up buildings,” and that the center should work to fix these issues.

Obama forewarned that once those problems are addressed, you’re “going to start seeing the prospect of significant gentrification.”

Now, that ominous promise is coming to light, and residents of Chicago are growing concerned.

The real-world harms started immediately after construction started

Just two years into the project, residents are already being displaced due to increasing rent costs and an impractical cost of living.

Tahiti Hamer, a single mother on the South Side who works hard to raise three children, told The Washington Post that she saw the increases immediately after it started.

“In 2021, the same year the Obama Center broke ground, her landlord raised the rent by nearly 40 percent,” The Washington Post reported.

Hamer told The Post that she’s “a working mother who can’t afford to live in [her] own community that [she has] lived in for 42 years.”

Dixon Romeo, a Campaigns Director for United Working Families in Chicago, has been pushing back on the library for a long time.

He said that residents fear “Obama’s legacy” might be “marred by the displacement of thousands of black families” in Chicago.

Romeo has warned about the prospects of gentrification for the community, as well.

“This is the community that sent him to the White House, and we should be the community that gets to stay and benefit from the Presidential center,” Romeo whined.

The project is even recognized by up-and-coming politicians as a problem.

Mayoral Candidate weighs in on the impact to the cost of rent

Chicago Democrat Mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson said he is concerned about the increases in rent in the area surrounding the Obama Presidential Center.

He said that Chicago has to look out “for families that live in the very communities where development is taking place.”

Johnson also said that the city needs to ensure “that landlords don’t see it as an opportunity to push the families out who have been a part of these communities for decades.”

Longtime South Side resident Priscilla Dixon didn’t seem as optimistic.

She told The Washington Post “in political spaces, people can become numbers, experiences can become trends,” and “the reality is that this is about real people.”

Dixon is afraid that “the center honoring the first black President” will write “another page in the long history of displacing black people or doing harm to black families.”

Ironically, much of that history has also been written by Democrat politicians and bureaucrats.

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