Atlanta’s Democrat Mayor makes a shocking assessment about the recent waves of violence crashing through the city

It’s been a few years, but most Americans remember the widespread rioting that plagued the nation in 2020.

Of course, the “mainstream” corporate media and leftist politicians could only call the events “mostly peaceful protests.”

But now, riots popping back up throughout Atlanta have the Democrat Mayor making this shocking assessment.

Mayor of Atlanta announces domestic terror charges

Last week ended in chaos for suburban Atlanta as Antifa rioters took to the streets setting police vehicles ablaze and causing untold damage. 

The unrest was regarded as “peaceful” by media outlets over the weekend but the Mayor of Atlanta, Andre Dickens saw the reality of the situation.

Dickens explained in an interview on CBS that several of the rioters had travelled across state lines with weapons and explosives. 

These individuals, the Mayor announced, will be charged with domestic terrorism.

Antifa was responding to an incident that occurred at what they call “Cop City.” 

“Cop City” refers to the grounds of a future police training facility that the city says will allow, “police [and] firefighters in the community to train together.” 

Police were trying to clear the area when Manuel Esteban Paez Teran allegedly fired at a police officer, wounding him and sending him to the hospital for his injuries. 

Police returned fire and fatally shot Teran. 

This led an angry crowd of Antifa activists to rage across the city. 

They set fire to vehicles, smashed windows, and damaged at least three businesses in the area. 

Anyone who participated will be “held accountable”

According to city officials, they put a stop to the violence Saturday night and promised they wouldn’t tolerate any further violence.

Mayor Dickens didn’t take the situation lightly and said that anyone who participated in the riots would be “held accountable.”

In the interview on Sunday, the mayor said Antifa “had explosives.” 

He continued, “They burned down a police car, they broke windows at businesses. And so our police department, along with our state and federal partners, took swift action within two blocks and brought that situation under control.”

According to Mayor Dickens, the majority of the violence stopped once police arrested six people who “were not Atlanta or Georgia residents.” 

He said that these extremists wouldn’t get in the way of public safety in his city. 

Dickens stated that these weren’t protests and “most of them traveled into our city to wreak havoc. And so, we love to support people when they’re doing right, peaceful protest is part of the American- our freedoms, but when you are violent, we will make sure that you get held accountable.”

It’s believed that the city is being targeted by extremists

The interviewer asked Mayor Dickens if he thought that the unrest was being funded by outside groups and whether Atlanta was being targeted. He responded in the affirmative, “Yes.”

Dickens wants to see his city become a safer place to live and work. That’s why they were building the new training facility that extremists are targeting. 

Dickens said, “We can’t train the imaginary, we have to do it in a facility that allows for police [and] firefighters in the community to train together.”

He says that this project is in response to what happened in 2020. The city is looking to bring “the change that we wanted to see in 2020” adding that now “we’re doing it.”

Dickens says that “these individuals don’t want to see any resources go towards that training” but if they want to see notable change they need to stand down.

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