AOC just whipped her supporters up into a frenzy over Democrats’ greatest fear

Photo by Ståle Grut CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to deciphering the true feelings of Democrats there’s often little mystery.

The shriller the proclamations get the more genuinely worried they are.

And now AOC just whipped her supporters up into a frenzy over Democrats’ greatest fear.

Joe Biden is in trouble, and things are getting worse for him and his fellow Democrats.

A jaw-dropping poll highlighted the precarious situation in which Democrats find themselves earlier this week.

The new ABC News and Ipsos poll indicated that 86% of Americans think 81-year-old President Joe Biden is too old to serve another term as President.

This marked a significant increase since September, when polling from the same network found that 74% of Americans thought Biden was too old to serve another term.

The new information came following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report that described Biden as “an elderly man with a poor memory.”

When faced with these facts, one prominent Congresswoman couldn’t deny that Biden looks and acts like he is 100 years old, so she did what Democrats always do when confronted with inconvenient truths – she played the “What about Trump?” card.

“Trump is old too” won’t save Biden

In an appearance on CNN, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) pouted, “I think right now when it comes to the President’s age, folks are talking about how he’s 81, but we have to look at first of all, Donald Trump is around the same age. He is 77 years old. They could have gone to high school together.”

True enough, but Trump also doesn’t habitually shake hands with air, or – as comedian Shane Gillis pointed out in his Netflix standup comedy special Beautiful Dogs – turn into a Roomba whenever it’s time to leave a stage.

He can also string multiple sentences together coherently in a way that eludes Biden.

“President Biden is going to be the democratic nominee, and hopefully he’ll be reelected as President of the United States,” AOC said. “We need to understand what we are staring down in this country. If Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, we do not know if there will be a verifiable next election that has integrity.”

“He already tried to, we saw on January 6, he tried to overturn the results of a Presidential Election by force by inciting a riot,” she added.

That, of course, is simply her assertion without evidence, as Trump has never been found to have done that by any court.

In fact, on January 6, Trump urged his supporters to protest “peacefully and patriotically.”

Scare-mongering over a Trump Presidency is all Democrats have left

“I think we need to be very, very realistic about the grave, grave impacts of a Donald Trump election,” Ocasio-Cortex concluded. “It is not a joke. It is not a game. We need to protect our democracy and ideally, it’s going to be on progressive values.”

The self-described socialist Congresswoman’s tone and rhetoric suggests deep concern about what could transpire in November, and reads as an attempt to gin up enthusiasm among a leftist base that is lukewarm at best on the Biden Presidency.

Democrats have largely rallied to Biden’s defense amid questions about his ability to do the job, but his physical and mental acuity is rather clearly on a rapid decline, and he has shown no desire to step back and allow other Democrats to have a shot at the Presidency.

If the Democrats go down in flames on Election Night, they will have no one to blame but themselves.

If that happens, AOC and her comrades will be even more unhinged, and it will be time for the rest of us to grab the popcorn.

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