AOC just completely embarrassed herself with this one ridiculous claim

Photo by Ståle Grut CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Now is not a good time to be a Biden family member. 

Years of alleged corrupt dealing by Joe Biden and his crack-smoking son Hunter Biden have resulted in several investigations by House Republicans, which are heating up. 

That’s why AOC just completely embarrassed herself with this one ridiculous claim.

Each day more damaging information comes out about the Biden family’s shady dealings.

And Americans are furious at the double standard and favoritism being shown to the Biden clan. 

The Biden family will have a lot of explaining to do in the very near future

For decades now, Joe Biden and his family have gotten away with alleged crimes and misdemeanors that would land the average American in prison. 

However, now that Republicans have control of the House of Representatives, those days of impunity may be numbered. 

At the center of several ongoing investigations is Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, which was found to have a number of incriminating files on it according to a repairman who serviced his laptop. 

A laptop Hunter now admits, after all this time, is actually his.

But almost as soon as this story hit the press before the 2020 presidential election, the Left and their propagandists in the “mainstream” media did everything in its power to censor it, hide it, and even deny it.

This included having Twitter delete the New York Post’s original article about the laptop right before the 2020 elections. 

Those on the Left knew that a closer look at this scandal would have been devastating for Joe Biden and the Democrat party in the 2020 elections, so they just killed the story.

But now the laptop and its infamous contents are back in the news.

“It’s just a horrifying thing to do”

Which is why Democrats and their media hand puppets are coming up with a number of outlandish excuses to prevent the newly invigorated investigations from digging any deeper. 

For example, outspoken socialist and the radical Leftists darling Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) just made the most ridiculous excuse to date. 

“And I think it’s especially atrocious given that this was a person who has been open about struggling with substance misuse and it’s just a horrifying thing to do,” the infamous bartender turned congresswoman said.

So in a nutshell, AOC does not think Hunter Biden should be held accountable for any potential crimes due to his long history with drug abuse. 

Thousands of drug addicts currently locked up for their crimes might disagree with that.

But this outlandish excuse from AOC should not surprise anybody.  

Deflecting responsibility is a trademark of radical leftists like AOC and is seemingly a part of the Democrat platform. 

The good news is, it appears as if these comments mostly fell upon deaf ears and were not taken seriously by anybody who is actually investigating these matters. 

In fact, Congressman James Comer (R-KY) who is among the Republicans investigating this scandal recently said, “This coordinated effort by the Biden Administration to hide information about President Biden and his family’s shady business schemes is alarming and raises many questions.”

Nonetheless, the comments from AOC show just how desperate some Democrats are to shield Joe Biden and his family from any further investigations. 

Nobody, including Joe Biden, is above the law in America

The bedrock of the American criminal justice system is that nobody is above the law, even the President of the United States. 

However, it does not seem as if Joe Biden, the FBI, the DOJ, and all Biden’s Democrat allies understand this very basic principle. 

The American public deserves to know what is on Hunter’s Biden laptop, and why Joe Biden and his goons are hell-bent on stopping any mention of it. 

Before too long, Joe Biden and his cronies will have to answer these difficult questions, and hopefully, House Republicans will hold him and his family accountable accordingly. 

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