Andrew Klavan and Candace Owens are at each other’s throats as the drama around her Daily Wire firing descends into chaos

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Little time has passed since The Daily Wire and Candace Owens parted ways.

Both sides are doing everything they can to push their narrative on the matter.

And now Andrew Klavan and Candace Owens are at each other’s throats as the drama around her Daily Wire firing descends into chaos.

Andrew Klavan says that the Daily Wire made the right choice

Daily Wire CEO Jeremy Boreing made headlines in March when he fired well-known podcast host Candace Owens. 

Some were split on whether this was the right decision, and both sides of the topic began trending. 

The silence from Owens’ former colleagues at Daily Wire was deafening. 

But now, Andrew Klavan has spoken. 

Covering the topic on The Andrew Klavan Show, Klavan said that many were surprised that it took so long for The Daily Wire to fire Owens, and he seemed to sympathize with them.

Klavan said that he knew that Boreing made the right decision in firing Owens, and that the CEO had done “what was right, [and] what had to be done. . .”

“This is a business, things move slowly, all kinds of obligations are in play, he did it when he could when he felt it was right. . .and I have to say that I personally felt a weight taken off my shoulders,” he said addressing the issue.

Klavan addresses Owens’ “Jew-hating followers”

Klavan didn’t stop there, and continued sharing his thoughts on the matter in an episode of CrossPolitic in which he went on the attack against her and the rest of the “Christ is King crowd.” 

The Daily Wire host said that he felt Owens and her followers were saying things that were “strongly antisemitic.” 

Klavan drew attention to Owens’ choice to like an X post that poked fun at nationally known Rabbi Shmuley. 

Shmuley had shared a screenshot of an alleged threat on his safety, and blamed Owens for her “Jew-hating followers.” 

The post that Owens “liked” was a response to Shmuley’s assertion that Owen’s was leading to threatening messages that highlighted the date of the screenshot, but also asked if he was “drunk on Christian blood again?”

“It says February 20th, Rabbi. Are you drunk on Christian blood again?” the user wrote.

Owens mocked Klavan for telling such an outrageous story.

Owens accuses Klavan and others of “mutating” the definition of hate

“Wow! That sounds crazy! Candace Owens hates Jews so much that she’s randomly accusing some fine young Jew of drinking Christian blood! Crazy!” she wrote in response to the video.

Owens felt the need to speak out after what she said was a week-long campaign by the hosts at the Daily Wire to smear her. 

“For the last week, my former colleague at the Daily Wire, @andrewklavan, has been spreading some inaccuracies about me that I view to be disparaging my character,” she wrote.

Owens accused those targeting her of “mutating” the definition of hate to pin her down as anti-Semitic.

“Today’s current definition seems to be: A Christian defending herself from a predatory, dishonest Rabbi by liking a tweet for the OBVIOUS reason that it debunked his lie,” she said.

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