America’s Golden State is looking more and more like Communist China after this new restriction

It started as a joke, but it soon became a reality.

Just when you thought leftists in America couldn’t get any crazier, they’ve doubled-down on it.

Now America’s Golden State is looking more and more like Communist China after this new restriction.

California announces ban on gasoline-only vehicles same week as Communist Chinese province

According to the Associated Press, “Hainan island in the South China Sea says it will become China’s first region to ban sales of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars to curb climate-changing carbon emissions.”

Gasoline-powered vehicles will be banned by the year 2030, while electric vehicles will be promoted with tax breaks.

Upon reading this, many may jokingly think, “When did California become an official province of China,” knowing that this has been the goal of leftists in this state for years, to only read a Washington Post headline days later, “California moves toward banning new cars running only on gas by 2035.”

While the Chinese province’s ban seems more radical on the surface when directly compared to the California ban, one has to remember that China is a dictatorship and California is supposedly part of a functioning democracy. 

If California leftists believed they could get away with a stricter ban, there’s little doubt that they would do it.

Green agenda going hog wild

It wasn’t too long ago that California enacted a ban on the sale of gas-powered lawn mowers in the name of combating climate change.

And just within the last couple months, the Ford Motor Company sacrificed 3,000 jobs to fund their electric vehicle development. 

This after they received over $100 million dollars in incentives from the State of Michigan.

The green agenda is destroying jobs and destroying common sense all at once.

Green technology not eco-friendly

Government bureaucrats and politicians in both political parties clearly have their thumb on the scale in favor of the green revolution.

Tax breaks, tax incentives, bans, and propaganda are being pumped out by government agencies across the country and the media is all too willing to parrot their talking points without question.

But with most of the country still being run by fossil fuels, it’s simply incredible how obtuse many are to the reality of how exactly are electric vehicles being charged? 

It is not mostly from renewable energy, but energy created by fossil fuels.

And let’s talk about the destructiveness of “renewable energy” for a second.

What’s the solution for dealing with old windmills? 

They can’t be recycled. 

They just bury them.

And that doesn’t even factor in how large of a footprint windmills take up and how disruptive they are to wildlife, or how inefficient they really are when compared to other forms of energy production.

Or how about the process for creating solar panels and the batteries for electric vehicles? 

The green agenda is madness and must be fought

To be clear, US Political Daily is not against technological advancement, but we are against the government favoring one form of technological advancement by forcing taxpayers to fund it and to buy it while all other forms are banned.

The green movement is also being pushed by far-left activists that have more than just “saving the environment” on their minds. 

It’s a power grab, a means for controlling people and what they do with their lives.

US Political Daily will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.