Americans were left scratching their heads over these bizarre rants by cable news pundits

Today’s world is full of chaos, yet all the corporate-controlled media ever talks about is taking down Donald Trump.

This insanity has gone on for years now, yet it remains at the top of their agenda. 

And Americans were left scratching their heads over these bizarre rants by cable news pundits.

The corporate-controlled media has a disturbing obsession with Donald Trump

Every day America faces a new set of challenges, and under Joe Biden’s watch these challenges have been more numerous and severe. 

Despite this, the corporate-controlled media has an obsession with Donald Trump, and more so with trying to take down Donald Trump for phony crimes and hoaxes.

Turn on MSNBC, CNN, or any of the regular Fake News Media outlets and all you will hear about is the latest plot to arrest Donald Trump.

Even though Donald Trump has been out of office for two years, the media is still as obsessed as ever. 

Just look at the unhinged rants MSNBC broadcast about the latest anti-Trump legal scheme. 

On MSNBC’s The Sunday Show, legal analyst Neal Katyal claimed while discussing the ongoing case with the documents the DOJ seized from Mar-a-lago “I think the department is basically saying, look, we’ve had it with Judge Cannon. She is erratic, and she is unprincipled. Her orders are obviously wrong.”

He went on to say, “I suspect the culmination at the end of the day, Jonathan, is that Donald Trump will be indicted by the Justice Department.”

Naturally, the host asked when these charges would be placed, to which Katayl answered “I think we could get a decision there which will tee up the question about when to indict in the winter of 2023.”

Wishful thinking from the Left is tearing America apart

The bottom line is, statements like this have absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. 

Notice that Katayl’s statement was littered with “I think.”

That is because he has absolutely no idea what he is talking about, he is simply spewing out what he wants to happen.

Leftists like Katayl have been spewing this nonsense for years now, and every single time they have been dead wrong. 

This witch hunt regarding Trump’s documents at Mar-a-Lago is a total nothing burger. 

They know that and that is why they are attempting to hype this story up so much.

But bizarre rants like this have implications much bigger than a witch hunt. 

Spreading lies and distortions like this is actively splitting America into pieces, and spreading fear.

MSNBC has always been a repulsive fake news outlet but this is a new low, even for them. 

At some point or another, MSNBC is going to have to get over Donald Trump and move on.

Spreading lies and gossip about Donald Trump and his family is disgusting and people are not buying it.

It is no wonder that MSNBC always finds itself at the bottom of tv ratings, barely above CNN. 

The American people are sick and tired of their lies and know better than to watch their garbage programming.

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