Americans are scratching their heads as Hollywood fawns over this career politician

Most of the election results are in and it looks like Republicans will take over the House of Representatives. 

This shake-up in Congress has many implications, including widespread changes in Congressional leadership. 

But Americans are scratching their heads as Hollywood fawns over this career politician.

Major changes are coming to Washington, D.C.

Even though this election cycle was not the red wave many conservatives hoped for, Republicans still managed to make some significant gains. 

Most importantly, Republicans were able to take back the House of Representatives, albeit by a razor-thin margin. 

This means that Nancy Pelosi will no longer be Speaker of the House, which is a major relief for most hard-working, taxpaying Americans. 

Even better, Nancy Pelosi announced that she will no longer be seeking any leadership roles for the next term. 

But not everyone is happy to see this career politician go. 

In fact, Hollywood seems to be in full meltdown mode, and many in Tinsel Town are treating Nancy Pelosi like a hero. 

Washed-up, far-left singer Barbara Streisand went as far as to tweet that “You are the best speaker there ever was! We will all miss you. Actually, the world will miss you! My love and best wishes to you and Paul. Love, Barbara.”

And then Director Rob Reiner tweeted out that Nancy Pelosi was “the most effective, accomplished, and consequential Speaker in our lifetime.”

These are just a couple of examples of the praise Pelosi has received since making her announcement to not seek leadership. 

What these ridiculous tweets prove is that Hollywood and the rest of America are worlds apart when it comes to politics and the impact that Nancy Pelosi has had on America. 

History will not look kindly on Nancy Pelosi

Without a reasonable doubt, Nancy Pelosi was one of the worst Speakers of the House that America has ever seen. 

Nearly every time she was Speaker, America saw a weaker economy, a weaker military, and the House’s power was both misused and abused to engage in witch hunts of any conservative politician who stood in their way.
But these aspects of Nancy Pelosi’s career do not seem to bother the elites in Hollywood, who could not care less about the economy or America’s standing on the world stage. 

Champagne socialists like Barbara Streisand only care about advancing the cause of socialism and the depraved social “values” of the radical Left like abortion-on-demand and pro-crime policies like defunding the police. 

Many of these Hollywood celebrities have not shopped for themselves in years, and extremely troubling things like milk doubling in price has little to no impact on their daily lives. 

This is why Americans should never look to Hollywood when it comes to morality because most people in Hollywood are corrupt and wicked to their bones. 

Instead, Americans should be looking toward community leaders, religious leaders, and their families for their values. 

But with the demise of Nancy Pelosi, it will be interesting to see what Republicans do with their newly gained power and where Democrats turn next for House leadership.

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