Americans are outraged after this avowed socialist Member of Congress defended a serial rapist

In recent years, the Left in America has become even more radical than anyone thought they would get. 

This shift to the radical Left has been disastrous for the United States and our republican form of government. 

But now Americans are outraged after this avowed socialist Member of Congress defended a serial rapist. 

The radical Left has jumped off the deep end and there is no bottom in sight

Just take a look at some of the Democrats in Congress right now.  

Bernie Sanders, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush, and others are all avowed socialists who have a deep loathing for the United States, the Constitution and the American people. 

However, extreme far-left Congresswoman Cori Bush of Missouri just crossed a big line, even for many Democrats. 

That is because Cori Bush recently came out in support of a transgender individual who was recently executed in Missouri for raping a 14-year-old girl in 1992, and eventually stalking, raping, and stabbing his ex-partner in 2003. 

He committed these crimes before “transitioning of course.”

This prompted Bush to tweet, “3 days into 2023, Missouri has chosen to uphold violence over mercy.  Today, the state executed “Amber” McLaughlin, a trans woman, who was sentenced to death by a judge after a jury could not unanimously agree to impose that sentence.  Capital punishment must be abolished.” 

Every single American who respects law order and basic decency should be appalled and outraged by this sinister tweet. 

Chad Felix Green, who is a writer and journalist replied to her tweet with, “He raped and murdered his ex-girlfriend after stalking and terrorizing her. He was a convicted sex offender who raped a 14-year-old girl when he was 19. He was not a victim.”

Green is exactly right on this one.  

Nobody should have any sympathy for this monster who destroyed so many lives. 

Cori Bush and her political allies should be ashamed of themselves.  

They are so desperate to virtue signal their support for so-called “trans” people that they are willing to defend child rapists. 

This is what the radical Left has become, and they are getting more extreme and desperate by the day. 

Nobody deserves the defense of a Member of Congress after committing the atrocities that McLaughlin committed during his lifetime. 

The Left will go to any lengths to virtue signal

For the Left, there is an ongoing contest to “out-woke” each other. 

Whoever appears to be the most pro-COVID vaccine/masks/lockdowns, pro-trans, and anti-white wins the “woke” competition for the week. 

This is all that matters to these Godless socialists, and every American should be concerned by this race to the bottom. 

Serial rapists and murderers should not be allowed to live among us. 

The bottom line is based on Missouri law, McLaughlin should have been executed a long time ago, and anybody who defends this monster should be ashamed of themselves, not serving in Congress. 

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