Americans are facing hunger for the first time in decades and Biden’s response will leave you livid

Joe Biden’s Presidency is nothing short of a complete and utter disaster.

Nearly every aspect of life is far worse than it was when Trump was President.

But things have gotten so bad that many Americans are facing hunger for the first time in decades. And Biden’s response will leave you livid.

There is no way to sugarcoat it, the state of our nation is feeble.

Not only is the economy in serious turmoil, but inflation is reaching record rates, gas prices are through the roof, crime is surging to levels we have never seen, critical supply chains are broken, and people are refusing to go back to work.

All of this is happening under Biden’s watch.

But given all of the calamity in this nation and around the world, there is one headline that has been buried by the Fake News Media.

And that is food shortages.

At first, it seemed like these shortages were only temporary due to the issues that COVID lockdowns caused.

But now that these lockdowns are largely a thing of the past, you’d expect food shortages would be following suit.

The scary thing is, that’s not the case.

In the United States and much of the developed world, food is becoming more expensive and scarce.

Many families and individuals are finding themselves on the verge of hunger for the first time.

Our nation has not seen a crisis this serious in decades.

There are many reasons for these shortages but a primary reason is inflation and the many broken supply chains that bring the food to our local grocery stores.

These supply chains have been severely impacted by burdensome regulations put into place by radical leftist legislators who thought it would be a good idea to completely shut down the economy due to COVID.

Even in places where food is not scarce, it’s getting way more expensive.

Inflation, the invisible tax, is partly to blame for this.

Manufacturers have to pay more to create their products and those costs are inevitably passed down to consumers.

But do not be fooled by Joe Biden’s refusal to take any blame.

He, and his handlers, are to blame for this.

Not Russia, not Putin, and not the pandemic.

Joe Biden’s reckless economic policies have created a firestorm for poverty creation instead of wealth creation like America saw under Trump.

Unfortunately, the worst has yet to come.

Over the next year, millions of Americans should expect to see their financial situations get much more strained.

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