Americans are demanding answers after the White House just told this blatant lie

One of the biggest threats to America is the currently porous southern border. 

On a daily basis, thousands of undocumented illegal aliens flood into America. 

Now Americans are demanding answers after the White House just told this blatant lie. 

It’s long past time to start securing the border

America’s border with Mexico is practically wide open, and the results have been catastrophic. 

Each and every day, thousands of undocumented economic migrants flood the border.  

With them comes poverty, dangerous drugs, human and sex trafficking, and all sorts of other plagues that are going completely unchecked. 

But Democrats and the so-called “mainstream” media are still trying to convince Americans that there is nothing wrong at all. 

This is clearly not the case, yet every time Joe Biden and his administration have been asked about the border crisis, they immediately deflect and deny. 

An obvious example of this sort of deflecting came just this past Monday at the White House Press Conference. 

When asked about the border, and the impact of Title 42 (which at the time was set to be lifted on Wednesday), White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre flat-out lied, saying, “The fact that the removal of Title 42 is happening in just a day or two doesn’t mean the border is open.” 

She then went on to claim “We are doing the smuggler’s job if we spread misinformation.  We will continue to fully enforce our immigration laws in a fair, orderly, and humane manner.” 

Per usual, just about everything Karine Jean-Pierre is saying is total and utter nonsense. 

The good news is, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has since put a hold on the lifting of title 42, which means that it will temporarily stay in place. 

This is a major blow to the Biden administration, and this measure should help curb the tide of out-of-control illegal immigration. 

However, this is only a very small and temporary step in the right direction. 

Serious change needs to happen at the southern border

The time to secure the border is way past due. 

The longer Joe Biden and his administration delay securing the border, the more drugs, poverty, and crime pour into the country. 

Securing the southern border ought to be a top priority, but Joe Biden and his cronies have proved time after time that they are not willing to take this seriously. 

Trump was right to place such a heavy emphasis on border security, and his immigration policies are needed now more than ever. 

Since Joe Biden is clearly unwilling to enforce the law of the land, it is now up to border state Governors to do something about it. 

Nobody should be allowed into America without going through the proper steps. 

At the bare minimum, people need to be identified and vetted before entering the nation. 

With the fentanyl crisis raging out of control, America can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the border crisis. 

Serious change needs to come to the border as soon as possible. 

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