American workers were outraged over Joe Biden’s latest immigration move

Of all of the things going wrong with America right now, the crisis at the southern border is one of the most concerning problems.

Rather than secure the border, Joe Biden and his administration are doing everything in their power to encourage even more illegal aliens to pour into America. 

And American workers were outraged over Biden’s latest immigration move. 

Joe Biden is destroying America on all fronts

Since the day Joe Biden first took public office half a century ago, one thing was made abundantly clear, he is no friend of American workers. 

Rather than stand up for the needs of low and middle income Americans and their families, Joe Biden has taken the side of illegal aliens, corrupt union bosses, and special interests time after time. 

This notion was reaffirmed just recently when it was announced that Joe Biden would be providing even more advantages to illegal aliens. 

Reuters is reporting that Joe Biden is repealing Donald Trump’s common sense rule change to ensure that countless illegal aliens the Department of Homeland Security – under Biden’s direction – releases every few months into the United States can now more quickly get work permits to take even more American jobs.

This rule means that even more illegal aliens will be able to work in the United States in the very near future, to the detriment of American workers and the American economy. 

Not only is this policy a slap in the face to America’s laws but it completely undermines America’s borders and the need for border security. 

Expect thousands more illegal aliens to flood into the nation in the very near future to take advantage of this very generous policy. 

Border security needs to be a priority, but it is abundantly clear that Joe Biden is more concerned with giving more rights to illegal aliens than protecting the United States, which he took an oath to do. 

The economy is suffering and Joe Biden is making it worse by the day

At this point, just about anybody could tell you that the United States economy is heading down a very dangerous path. 

Under Donald Trump, the economy was robust and very prosperous, but now it is feeble and impoverished. 

Yet Joe Biden seems to care very little. 

Instead, he and his radical administration are far more concerned with playing political games such as this one. 

What Joe Biden and his socialist cronies in Washington, D.C. need to do is secure the border immediately and slow down their out-of-control spending. 

Their tax-and-spend economic policy is a recipe for disaster, and according to just about every expert, things will only get way worse from here. 

Giving rights and handouts to illegal aliens should not be a priority for the Joe Biden administration right now. 

Instead, they need to back off and do what is necessary to protect America and American workers. 

This plan to give illegal aliens American jobs is a train wreck, and expect unemployment rates to skyrocket over the next year or so, not that Joe Biden cares one bit. 

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