American farmers are furious with Joe Biden after this horror happened to their crops

Without farmers, there would be no United States of America, at least not in any recognizable form. 

And in today’s world full of processed foods, many people often take these hard-working farmers for granted. 

Now farmers are furious with Joe Biden after this horror happened to their crops. 

Joe Biden has made it very clear that he does not give a rip about American farmers

Two years into his Presidency, Joe Biden has made it abundantly clear that he is in way over his head. 

One of the biggest crises he is facing right now is the border crisis, which has far-reaching ramifications all over the United States. 

American farmers are being devastated by the massive influx of illegal aliens, particularly farms that are close to the border. 

One farmer who knows all about the harmful consequences of the border crisis is Alex Muller, who is a farmer in Yuma, AZ.  

Muller is also the President of Pasquinelli Produce Company. 

Just last Thursday, Alex Muller went on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to talk about the devastating effect illegal immigration has had on his business and industry. 

According to Muller, “Over the last two years, it’s just been a death by a thousand cuts. It’s been a slow trickle, and we’re seeing it every day.” 

Muller added, “The community here has seen an uptick in crossers. And it’s just been continuous and continuous, and it’s taxing. And it’s hard for us to do our jobs when we take food safety at the utmost for what we do. And any time anybody enters our field, we have to cordon that off and flag it and we don’t harvest that area.”

Muller ended by saying “The Border Patrol are a glorified travel agency now. And, you know, people cross down here a quarter mile and Border Patrol comes down and they put people in busses. They take them to a tent city where the Border Patrol station is. There’s probably 5000 people there at any given time. And they’re giving them bus passes or airplane tickets and they’re flying all over the country. And it’s been insane to watch for the last two years,”

These comments from American farmer Alex Muller show just how devastating the border crisis is for thousands of American farmers, who are being completely ignored by Joe Biden and other Democrats. 

Americans deserve to live in a nation with secure borders

So far, Joe Biden has completely neglected his responsibility to keep America safe from foreign threats. 

Each and every day, thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens pour across the border into America, and the results are devastating. 

Farms are being overrun, drugs are pouring through, and crime is skyrocketing all over the nation. 

Despite this, many Democrats still believe that the border crisis is nothing more than a Republican talking point. 

This could not be any further from the truth, and the sooner Democrats wake up to this the better. 

America needs to secure its southern border with Mexico immediately. 

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