America is in extreme danger and this member of Congress is trying to sound the alarm

America is under attack at the southern border with Mexico.

Tons of deadly drugs, weapons, and criminals are pouring through the border on a daily basis, and every American should be alarmed. 

Now this member of Congress is trying to sound the alarm.

Joe Biden’s border policy is a complete and total disaster

The truth is, Joe Biden’s border policies are a complete and total disaster. 

America’s southern border with Mexico has become a full-blown crisis, and Joe Biden and his allies are refusing to admit that there is even a problem at all. 

Things have gotten so bad, that many members of Congress, especially those who represent districts on or near the border are practically begging for help. 

One such member of Congress is Representative Tony Gonzales, who represents Texas’ 23rd District in the United States House of Representatives.

Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation, Gonzales spoke out about the crisis that is happening at the border.   

According to Rep. Gonzales, “It is a dire situation in El Paso. As you know, the city declared a state of emergency. This is something you do when there’s a hurricane, a fire, an earthquake. What is happening is it’s a hurricane of migrants, and everyone is impacted. I represent 823 miles of the southern border.”

Gonzales went on to say “I was just in El Paso a few days ago, and what I saw at the migrant center I had never seen before. I have visited the processing center there many times. What I saw were hundreds, over 500 migrants in a pod.” 

When asked about how to solve this crisis, Rep. Gonzales said “Throwing money at a problem does not solve a problem. You can have an unlimited amount of soft-sided facilities. The problem is enforcing the laws already on the books. I’d also argue the bulk of people that are coming over are just trying to live a better life. I get that. They’re coming here for economic opportunities. But that doesn’t qualify for asylum.”

Gonzales is completely right to point out that many of these illegal aliens are coming here for economic reasons, which is not a legal cause for asylum claims. 

The truth is, many of these illegal aliens are crossing the border to make money.

Allowing throngs of people to enter the nation without documentation is both ignorant and dangerous. 

Drug trafficking, human trafficking, and weapons smuggling are very common at the border, and allowing people to pour across unchecked is allowing all of this contraband to come into the United States. 

Now more than ever, America needs a strong border, yet Joe Biden does not seem to be concerned one bit, saying there are “more important things” going on to justify his refusal to visit the border. 

This coming legislative session, grilling the Biden administration over their reluctance to keep America safe must be a top priority for House Republicans. 

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