Alvin Bragg made one move that proves Democrats are creating a two-tiered justice system for white and black Americans

Screenshot via YouTube, Alvin Bragg

Democrats have long made a living off identity politics. 

But lately the policies they’re putting in place are matching their extreme and faulty rhetoric. 

And now Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg made one move that proves Democrats are creating a two-tiered justice system for white and black Americans.

A hero on the subway

30-year-old Jordan Neely hopped on a New York City subway car last week and, according to witnesses, began threatening the lives of passengers, aggressively threw his coat to the ground, and repeatedly yelled he was willing to die.

Neely was a homeless black man.

While passengers called the police for help, Daniel Penny, a U.S. Marine veteran, wrestled Neely to the ground, putting him in a choke hold to retrain Neely until police could arrive.

While you should be warned that some may find the video posted to social media below disturbing, Neely can be seen still breathing after the choke hold was released.

It took the police almost 15-minutes to arrive, and Neely was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Cops questioned Neely and other passengers, including another black man who helped restrain Neely, and a Hispanic freelance journalist, before also reviewing videos of the incident.

Law enforcement officials then chose not to arrest the Marine vet.

As it turns out, Neely had been arrested at least 42 times, and many of the arrests were for violent crimes, including assault.

He even had an outstanding warrant for a 2021 felony assault.

The Left calls for the hero’s head

As expected, though, the media immediately jumped to conclusions, accusing Penny of the racially motivated killing of an innocent, homeless, mentally ill black man.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) took to Twitter to call the veteran who restrained Neely a murderer, whipping her radical woke left-wing minions into a frenzy.

Protests popped up throughout the city demanding the arrest of the Marine vet who stopped Neely from harming anyone on the subway.

Now, Manhattan Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg is charging Penny with second degree manslaughter. 

The hero who saved New Yorkers on the subway has turned himself into authorities. 

His legal team launched a Give Send Go campaign to raise money for his defense, raising roughly $2 million thus far.

Democrats enforce different laws based on race

However, while Penny awaits a trial that could send him to prison for 15-years, Bragg is letting dangerous criminals back on the streets of Gotham, especially if those convicted criminals are black.

Bragg is refusing to prosecute many black criminals.

He, along with New York Democrat Mayor Eric Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul, all Democrats, have introduced cashless bail and early release programs putting violent prisoners back in public. 

In fact, Hochul has changed the word “inmate” to “incarcerated individual” in official state documents. 

Both crime rates and recidivism rates have surged in NYC under the Hochul, Adams, and Bragg regime.  

Violent crime in America’s largest city was up by 22.4% in 2022, following a trend that began in 2019, and has only gotten worse.

The soft-on-crime policies are meant to strengthen “social justice” and “racial equity” to the city. 

However, residents of all races are suffering. 

Meanwhile, a white Marine who saved countless people from a deranged black attacker on a subway is being charged with manslaughter. 

If Democrats aren’t looking to divide the nation by race, instituting two sets of laws – one for black residents and another for everyone else – is a funny way of showing it. 

Should Daniel Penny have been charged with manslaughter?