All hell is breaking loose in this local Little League after a parent lodged this one complaint

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Youth sports has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry.

That’s only cranked up the insanity of some parents.

And now all hell is breaking loose in this local Little League after a parent lodged this one complaint.

Little League is out of control

Like it or not, politics is in nearly every institution we are involved in. 

There are factions and differing opinions whenever we are involved with others.  

Ask anyone who has been in a position of leadership within a church, and they will tell you a story or two that would make career politicians blush.

The same goes for youth sports. 

Back in the day, youth sports were a family experience where kids could get along and play with friends.

Sure, the best kids would play while the nerds rode the bench, but at the end of the day, no one left crying at a youth sporting event. 

The same can’t be said for what youth sports have become today. 

Now, many parents are seemingly under the impression that they can buy their child an athletic future – largely because they’re attempting to live vicariously through their child after failing to amount to much of anything on their own.

But parent’s “dedication” to their kids’ athletic future doesn’t stop with training. 

Parents also lose their minds at youth sporting events any time things don’t go their child’s way. 

Just go on Youtube and you will see countless videos of parents throwing haymakers because of a bad call. 

If you are a parent with a little self-awareness, you see how all these things can get out of hand and ruin what should be an enjoyable experience for those involved, particularly the child.

And one dad is calling out the craziness at his local Little League. 

One dad shows the pettiness of Little League

In Oreland, Pennsylvania, major controversy has erupted within the local Springfield Little League. 

One father, Zach Magid, has taken issue with his local Little League’s decision to supposedly cut their season short in order to allow those who play on all-star travel ball teams to begin their seasons.

Zach voiced his concerns about this decision, and soon after, another parent seemingly chose to fly a banner over one of the league’s games to expose that he was the one who complained.

“His name is Zach Magid,” the banner read.

Since then, all hell has broken loose within the Little League with some even going to their county government to demand an investigation into who was petty enough to pay over $500 for the banner. 

Just another example as to how parents continue to ruin youth sports. 

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Did you ever play youth sports?