All hell broke loose after this Super Bowl Champion tore Joe Biden apart on a college campus

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Joe Biden has long claimed to be a devout Catholic.

But his regime has led an all-out assault on Christianity and Judeo-Christian values from the very beginning.

And now all hell broke loose after this Super Bowl Champion tore Joe Biden apart on a college campus.

Super Bowl Champion to graduating class: Never “remain silent”

Kansas City Chiefs kicker and three-time Super Bowl Champion Harrison Butker has become one of the most outspoken professional athletes against the woke left-wing outrage mob’s efforts to seize total control of American culture.

When Bukter was recently invited to address the graduating class at Benedictine College,  a private, Catholic college in Missouri, he knew exactly what he had to say.

Butker railed against the “church of nice,” and the position that, “Cafeteria Catholics” have put their faith in today. 

Setting his sights on the ruling class elites’ anti-American COVID tyranny and the horrific practice of abortion, he told Benedictine’s graduating class to never “remain silent.”

The Super Bowl Champion slammed President Joe Biden and former National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Anthony Fauci for turning their backs on their self-professed “Catholic faith.”

He then turned to Catholic Bishops who allowed the ruling class to shut down their churches during COVID. 

This speech was one for the history books.

Butker slams Biden for making people believe that Catholics can be pro-abortion

Butker started his speech by homing in on the “degenerate cultural values” that have given credence to, “Things like abortion, IVF, surrogacy, [and] euthanasia.” 

“Our own nation is led by a man who publicly and proudly proclaims his Catholic faith but at the same time is delusional enough to make the sign of the cross at a pro-abortion rally,” he said.

Butker slammed Biden for his stance on abortion, but says it is a troubling position for many others today.

“[Biden] has been so vocal in his support for the murder of innocent babies that I’m sure to many people, it appears that you can be both Catholic and pro-choice,” he said in discontent. 

Butker continued, “From the man behind the COVID lockdowns to the people pushing dangerous gender ideologies onto the youth of America, they all have a glaring thing in common: They are Catholic.”

“Being Catholic alone doesn’t cut it,” he asserted.

“Never mistake charity for cowardice. . .”

Butker warned the class that the trend of the “Church of nice” is taking a prominent role, but it is not “a winning proposition.” 

“These are the sort of things we are told in polite society to not bring up – you know, the difficult and unpleasant things,” he said, before adding that the Church needs to stand up for faith.

“As members of the Church founded by Jesus Christ, it is our duty and ultimately privilege to be authentically and unapologetically Catholic,” he said. 

“We must always speak and act in charity but never mistake charity for cowardice,” the kicker reminded the graduates.

Butker called on leaders within the Catholic Church to stand up and stop cowering to the woke left-wing outrage mob and the ruling class establishment. 

During COVID, “Countless people died alone without access to the sacraments, and it is a tragedy we must never forget.” 

“[Bishops] were motivated by fear, fear of being sued, fear of being removed, fear of being disliked,” he says. 

It’s time for Church leadership to stand up for the faith and restore the foundation. 

It’s time for the graduates of Benedictine college to grow “Courage to speak more boldly and directly.”

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