All hell broke loose after Hillary Clinton made these outlandish claims about the 2024 election

Most Americans would say that Hillary Clinton is the most prolific election denier in the history of US politics.

She still claims that the 2016 election was stolen with a straight face while admonishing Donald Trump for his claims about 2020.

But all hell broke loose after Hillary Clinton made these outlandish claims about the 2024 election.

Clinton says she is losing sleep over a “right-wing extremist” plot

Hillary Clinton recently released a video and her worries were on full display.

She started by saying that she wanted to “highlight something that is keeping [her] up at night” and she knows her audience understands what she is going through.

She warned that though 2022 is important, Democrats need to look ahead – because their opponents are. 

She then said that these “extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next Presidential election.”


Then it became abundantly clear who she was referring to – the Supreme Court of the United States.

Clinton is concerned “Republican-controlled” legislatures could “overturn” elections

Clinton took aim at “the right-wing controlled Supreme Court” because they are “poised to rule on giving state legislatures, yes you heard me correctly, state legislatures the power to overturn Presidential elections . . .”

She was obviously concerned about the prospect of state legislatures certifying elections. 

She even started to compare it to the Electoral College, which she called “anachronistic” – or old fashioned, in her mind. 

Clinton is a proponent of mob rule under the popular vote, after all.

The big problem for her though is that “many of [state legislatures] are Republican-controlled” and they are obviously fighting for state’s rights.

She then finished by asking for money to support a left-wing activist group’s new “Crush the Coup” initiative, warning that “this could not be more urgent.”

Moore v. Harper is more than some left-wing conspiracy theory – it’s state’s rights

It’s easy to understand Clinton’s concerns especially because she feels like “her democracy” is threatened by a right-wing extremist Supreme Court plot. 

It might sound like a left-wing conspiracy theory, but the Supreme Court is hearing an election case based on a state’s rights issue.

The Supreme Court has scheduled Moore v. Harper for Wednesday, December 7, 2022.

The case is coming out of North Carolina and according to SCOTUSblog it may “upend federal elections by eliminating virtually all oversight of those elections by the state court.”

The case will argue that under the Constitution’s elections clause, it is the state legislatures that get to choose the “Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives.”

Democrat non-profit groups are ultimately responsible for Moore v. Harper

Moore v. Harper is based on legislation brought against the North Carolina legislature after they finished new Congressional mapping in 2021. 

Democrats challenged the map at a state level and the maps were blocked by the North Carolina Supreme Court. 

Proponents for the North Carolina legislature have been fighting since the beginning of the year to get it on the docket at SCOTUS and now officially have a date set.

Pennsylvania argued a similar case in an emergency hearing before the Supreme Court in 2020. 

The case was surrounding the state’s executive decision to implement large scale mail-in ballots and then giving them an extended deadline to get ballots in after election day.

SCOTUS didn’t take the case at the time but Alito offered an opinion saying it “likely violated” the Elections Clause in the U.S. Constitution.

This case could be a landmark decision by the Supreme Court and would likely help restore confidence in federal elections overall.

And that would be Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmare.

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