Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made this outrageous claim about crime and was immediately roasted for it

Crime is running rampant in Democrat-run cities. 

One of the worst is New York City, home of Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And AOC made this outrageous claim about crime and was immediately roasted for it. 

Appearing on the radio show the Breakfast Club, AOC claimed that shootings and other violent crimes are down in New York City. 

“A lot of people think that crime is up, when we actually see that shootings are down, when we see that huge indicators on the most violent crime in New York City is down,” she said.

She admitted that crime in the subway system is up, but then made the bizarre claim that the increased police presence on New York’s subway is not helping. 

“Subway crime is up. But let’s also note that subway crime is up after they committed so many more officers to the subway system. So that also tells us from a policy perspective, adding more cops to the subway isn’t solving this problem,” she claimed.

AOC’s lies get exposed

The hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered were having none of it.

Co-host Emily Compagno stated “It’s absolutely, patently false for her to be saying that police presence does not deter crime and to blame violent attacks or rise in crime on our New York City’s finest.”

Kennedy called AOC delusional.

“She’s flat-out wrong. If she believes it, she’s not fit to serve,” Kennedy said.

Co-host Kayleigh McEnany said it is time for New Yorkers to have a wake-up call regarding crime.

She noted that many New Yorkers are fleeing the state to Florida, because Governor Ron DeSantis’ law-and-order policies work. 

New Yorker’s are beginning to see crime as a serious issue. 

Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin lost the election by only five points, which is an impressive feat in the deep blue state, after running on a tough-on-crime platform. 

According to NYPD data, crime in the city is up 29.6% this year, with subway crime up  40.8%.

Crime is out-of-control because of policies AOC supports

Democrat policies have made cities a haven for criminals. 

Lenient sentencing and no cash bail are driving crime through the roof. 

Democrats attack police and push to defund them. 

All of these are policies that AOC supports, so it is no surprise that she would try to downplay the impact they are having on crime rates. 

And Democrats’ pro-crime policies are starting to alienate their own constituencies.

According to a Pew Research poll, 82 % of black Democrats consider crime to be a very important issue. 

While AOC was able to hold onto her safe Democrat seat, several competitive House races in New York State were won by Republicans this year, in large part due to the crime issue. 

New York city is turning into a dangerous cesspool, and Democrats refuse to even acknowledge it. 

We will see how bad it needs to get before more New Yorkers start voting red. 

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