Alejandro Mayorkas is now at a loss for words as Americans die in the streets

As it stands, the most pressing crisis facing America is the border crisis at America’s southern border with Mexico. 

Thousands of illegal aliens pour into America each and every day with no end in sight and the effects are far-reaching and damaging. 

That’s why Alejandro Mayorkas is now at a loss for words as Americans die in the streets. 

Joe Biden and his administration have blood on their hands

For the last two years, Joe Biden and his administration have completely neglected the crisis that is happening at the southern border. 

Even worse, Joe Biden and his cronies are chalking up the border crisis as nothing more than a “Republican talking point.” 

The truth is that Americans are dying in the streets as a direct result of the White House’s negligence. 

Every single day thousands of illegal aliens pour into America, and a shocking number of these illegal aliens are criminals, human traffickers and drug smugglers bringing deadly drugs such as fentanyl across the border with them. 

The cartels are very well aware of Joe Biden’s soft stance on border security, and they are taking full advantage of this weakness. 

All across America, especially in most major cities, hard drugs brought in by Mexican drug cartels are killing Americans off at alarming numbers.

One city that has been hit particularly hard is the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

According to Fox News reporter Sara Carter, who visited Philadelphia to dig into the drug crisis in more depth, “Just so you can get a perspective here, 95% of the narcotics here in Philadelphia, according to law enforcement sources I’ve spoken to today, are coming from the Sinaloa Cartel.”

Carter added, “This fentanyl is coming across the border. Those fentanyl-precursor chemicals are coming from none other than China. They are coming to our streets and they are literally paralyzing our communities.”

These findings from Carter should deeply concern every American, especially Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington, D.C. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden does not give a rip about the border, and he has blood on his hands as a result. 

America needs to secure the southern border immediately

Donald Trump was right to place such a high emphasis on securing the southern border. 

Unfortunately, Joe Biden and his administration do not seem to care one bit.  

This is especially true for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas who has completely refused to do his job so far. 

Alejandro Mayorkas has seemingly made it his mission to make the border as dangerous and porous as possible, and as a direct result, thousands of Americans have lost their lives to drug abuse and violence from the thousands of criminals and gang members streaming across Biden’s border. 

Alejandro Mayorkas and Joe Biden are in dereliction of duty, and Americans deserve to know why they are refusing to do their jobs. 

Finding these answers, and holding Joe Biden administration officials accountable must be a top priority for House Republicans this year. 

Plugging up the Mexican border needs to be the very top priority for Joe Biden and his administration, or else Americans will continue to die in the streets. 

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