Alec Baldwin was all smiles after a judge helped him dodge a major bullet

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Hollywood stars are often sheltered from taking any responsibility for their actions.

Even when those actions result in someone’s death.

And now Alec Baldwin was all smiles after a judge helped him dodge a major bullet.

The fact is, there is an unequal system of justice in the United States.

Ruling class elites get away with literal murder while working class Americans are thrown in jail over parking tickets.

Alec Baldwin’s charges are changing

The charges filed against radical left-wing actor Alec Baldwin, and weapons supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, stemming from his fatal shooting of a cinematographer during the filming of the movie Rust.

And Baldwin couldn’t be more thrilled.

That’s because, according to recently released court documents, Baldwin will now only be charged with involuntary manslaughter. 

The judge chose to drop the firearm enhancement charges that were previously filed against both Baldwin and Gutierrez-Reed.

That means prosecutors in the case have dropped any possibility of a sentence enhancement that could have carried a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for the actor.

Baldwin’s lawyers had objected to the enhancement, somehow claiming it was unconstitutional because it only became law after the October 2021 shooting took place.

The judge seemingly agreed with that reasoning.

A basic legal error

“The prosecutors committed a basic legal error by charging Mr. Baldwin under a version of the firearm-enhancement statute that did not exist on the date of the accident,” Baldwin’s lawyers said in a court filing.

The error by the prosecutors in the case, and the subsequent ruling by the judge was welcome news to the radical left-wing, anti-gun actor.

Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, the weapons supervisor on the set of the film Rust, were both charged with felony involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin shot Hutchins during rehearsals on a ranch near Santa Fe, New Mexico, and she tragically passed away shortly after.

Authorities have said that Baldwin was pointing the pistol directly at Hutchins when the gun went off, killing her and wounding the movie’s director, Joel Souza.

While Baldwin admitted that he was holding the gun when it went off, he has blamed everyone but himself for the tragedy, even going so far as to claim the gun spontaneously fired all on its own.

That claim has won Baldwin derision from conservatives, gun rights activists, and even some left-wing comedians.

This case may not be over for Baldwin though

But the latest move by the judge will seemingly spare Baldwin any jail time for the murder of Hutchins and the wounding of Souza.

This proves yet again that the elites – whether it’s in Washington, D.C., Hollywood, or anywhere in between – operate under a different justice system than the rest of the country.

But even though Baldwin dodged a bullet – no pun intended – and will serve no jail time, this case is far from over for the pampered C-list celebrity.

Hutchins’ parents and sister have now filed a lawsuit against Baldwin over the shooting, which comes on the heels of another suit that was filed by her husband and son, and settled out of court last year.

The latest suit by Hutchins’ family in Los Angeles County Superior Court names Baldwin, as well as others involved in the Rust production, as defendants, and seeks damages for charges that include negligence, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and loss of consortium.

The family is represented by fiery attorney Gloria Allred, who previously said Baldwin has not even attempted to reach out to the Hutchins family in the more than 16 months since he took Halyna’s life.

“We haven’t heard from Alec Baldwin, the man with the gun,” Allred said at a recent news conference.

Of course, Alec Baldwin will probably have someone other than himself to blame for that too.

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