Alan Dershowitz just silenced Hunter Biden with this damning claim

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Throughout Donald Trump’s Presidency Democrats attacked him and his family with one bogus witch hunt after another. 

Now that Joe Biden is in charge Democrats have been awfully quiet about Hunter Biden and his laundry list of alleged crimes. 

But Alan Dershowitz just silenced Hunter Biden with this damning claim.

The future does not look bright for the Biden family

 When it comes to America’s first families, few have been as scandal plagued as the Biden family.

More specifically, Hunter Biden has a long list of alleged crimes that Congress and federal prosecutors are investigating.

Last Wednesday, Hunter’s legal team met with prosecutors to presumably discuss one of the ongoing cases involving President Joe Biden’s son.

Although the White House is not participating whatsoever, Congress is turning up the heat, and a prosecution seems imminent. 

One prominent lawyer who thinks the end is near for Hunter Biden is world renowned lawyer, and former Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz. 

Last Thursday, on Fox Business’ Morning with Maria, Dershowitz claimed it would not surprise him “if there were ultimately a resolution of this case short of a public indictment, some kind of information and a plea bargain.” 

“But that’s just speculation,” he added. “But the meeting was sought by the Biden people, and that tells us something.”

The fact that Biden’s attorneys are scrambling like this indicates that Hunter may be feeling the pressure of the many ongoing investigations into his corrupt business dealings. 

“It was the Biden people who sought the meeting, which means they’re probably in a negotiating mode,” Dershowitz added. “People don’t seek meetings just for a status report or an update, you can do that on the phone.”

“When you bring in a group of lawyers to talk to people in the Justice Department, it’s generally part of a negotiation,” he concluded.

President Biden is clearly doing everything in his power to keep his son from being held accountable for his many alleged crimes.

After decades of alleged corruption and pay-to-play schemes, this may be the case that completely unravels the Biden political machine. 

Hunter Biden’s involvement in selling influence to his then-Vice President father is the textbook definition of corruption. 

The American public may soon know the full extent of Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings

Thanks to the diligent work of some reporters and investigators, it appears that Hunter Biden directly sold influence to his father through a number of ways. 

Whether it be expensive pieces of art that  the President’s son created – which are arguably worth nothing – or his involvement with Ukrainian energy companies, the end could be near for Hunter.

Regardless of the extent of Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings, the American public deserves to know the truth, especially since it directly involves the President of the United States. 

The next few months will reveal quite a bit about what the future holds for the Biden family. 

US Political Daily will keep you updated on any developments to this ongoing story.