Al Franken just came out of hiding to contradict himself one hypocritical claim that will leave you laughing out loud

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Al Franken’s appearances on Saturday Night Live helped him win a U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota.

That was before his fall from grace when he was pushed out of office over accusations of inappropriate touching.

But now Al Franken just came out of hiding to contradict himself one hypocritical claim that will leave you laughing out loud.

Former Senator Al Franken (D-MN) appeared out of obscurity to speak with The Washington Post’s Dan Balz recently.

In the interview, he brought back his trademark whining style to complain about all manner of things.

He trained his fire on the Supreme Court for “gerrymandering.”

This common complaint is curiously trotted out by Democrats every few years, but only to attack Republican-led states.

When Florida and Texas redraw their state’s Congressional districts based on new Census data, as constitutionally mandated, and Republicans have more districts that favor them than Democrats – as is simply a matter of mathematics, just as it is when Democrat-controlled states like California and New York’s maps favor leftists – Democrats and their media allies claim there is a Constitutional crisis afoot, and the very foundation of democracy is under attack. 

However, when Democrat-controlled states do the same, it’s – well, no one knows because Democrats don’t like to talk about that.

The real attacks came when Franken said, “The Supreme Court, to me is illegitimate the way they didn’t take up Merrick Garland and on saying, ‘It’s an election year,’ and then they of course put in Amy Coney Barrett like eight days before the election.”

“Then of course Dobbs and abortion, you know… but it’s more than that,” he insisted, albeit unconvincingly.

The former Senator’s pouting is unfounded here because there is no Constitutional requirement that the Senate act as a rubber stamp for the Executive Branch’s judicial nominees.

In fact, Presidents were given wide latitude to choose whomever they like for appointments to the Supreme Court until Democrats blocked Robert Bork’s nomination in 1987, and then proceeded to engage in what Justice Clarence Thomas deemed to be a “high tech lynching” when they tried, but fortunately failed, to block his confirmation to the court using completely made up – and racially motivated – lies against him in 1991.

Even former Tea Party Congressman turned fanatic Never Trump Republican hater, Joe Walsh, called out Franken for his behavior.

“You’re free to say what u want, but to call the SCOTUS “illegitimate” is dangerous,” Walsh wrote on Twitter. “Say the Court is partisan, ideological, say their rulings are wrong. But to call the Court “illegitimate” is no different than calling election results you don’t like “illegitimate.”

Franken also chose to baselessly blame Chief Justice John Roberts for the ever-growing political divide across the country, completely ignoring Roberts’ position as a swing vote on the Court, and the role he and other ruling class elites have played in stoking and enflaming division.

“I think the Chief Justice is actually much more culpable for this division than people think,” Franken claimed, without providing a single example or even being asked by the self-proclaimed “journalist” interviewing him. “I think Roberts is much more the villain in this than people give him credit for. So that’s just my opinion.”

Just two weeks ago, Franken praised the Supreme Court and the constitutionalist Justices on the bench after they issued a ruling that he supported.

“Gotta hand it to Thomas & Alito,” Franken actually said. “SCOTUS justices much better qualified to judge the safety & efficacy of a drug on the market for over 20 yrs than the arrogant scientists in the FDA.”

In the end, it all boils down to the fact that anything in the political realm that Franken and his fellow Democrats dislike or disagree with is deemed “illegitimate” or accused of somehow “undermining Democracy.”

Besides, the fact that the woke left-wing outrage mob will happily tear down every single institution when things don’t go Democrats’ way is the real threat to the nation’s survival.

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