Airline executives are furious after this comedian made this eye-opening confession

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Flying has become an absolute nightmare regardless of what airport you fly out of or which airline you fly with. 

But as any seasoned traveler knows some airlines are simply worse than others. 

And airline executives are furious after this comedian makes this eye-opening confession.

United Airlines bows down to the woke left-wing outrage mob

In recent years, a growing number of corporations have completely surrendered to the woke left-wing outrage mob. 

Airline giant United Airlines is no exception, as their CEO Scott Kirkby has earned the reputation of being one of the most nauseatingly woke CEOs in America. 

In a recent interview, Kirby said that “one of the things we do is, for every job, when we do an interview, we require women and people of color to be involved in the interview process, bringing people in early in their careers as well and giving them those opportunities, uh, and creating a stronger bench.” 

To add insult to injury, a report leaked alleging that Kirby enjoys dressing in drag, among other bizarre behaviors. 

Not everyone has acquiesced to these woke extremist behaviors, including comedian, and former Saturday Night Live cast member, Rob Schneider. 

On Sunday, Schnieder tweeted, “Dear Scott Kirby CEO @UnitedAirlines and Drag Queen practitioner, I regret to inform you that I will no longer allow my family to fly on your airline as you have clearly placed ‘diversity’ of pilot hiring above safety of passengers and crew.”

“As evidenced by the near aviation catastrophe of UA Boeing 777 flight 1722 from Maui to San Francisco Dec 18th 2023, where your diverse but incompetent flight crew didn’t know which flaps were causing its near disastrous dissent, coming within 750 feet of killing everyone aboard your United Airline,” he added. “I cannot tell you how many @UnitedAirlines employees have personally thanked me for my valid criticism of your careless and life threatening leadership. I look forward to your swift dismissal by UA’s board of directors before your inane actions cause the deaths of hundreds of men, women and children. After your inevitable firing you can get back to your true passion, your Drag Queen performances.  Sincerely yours, Rob Schneider Former 1K United Airline frequent flyer.”

Since posting this tweet on X, many Americans have voiced their outrage with the airline, similarly calling out United Airlines’ misaligned priorities of placing woke extremism over safety.

Another example of how the woke mob is destroying America

Countless companies, including United Airlines, have completely surrendered to the woke left-wing outrage mob, who demand that an emphasis be placed on DEI nonsense. 

These companies have placed DEI initiatives above all else, including consumer safety, which was evidenced in United Airlines recent and shocking disaster.

However, the free market always has a way of correcting things like this, and unless woke companies rethink their priorities, DEI could consume them entirely. 

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