Adam Schiff will leave you speechless when you hear him tell the biggest lie of his career

What’s going on at the southern border is one of the biggest travesties our nation has ever faced.

But many politicians in Washington, D.C. could care less and want to do everything they can to make you forget and ignore what’s really going on.

And Adam Schiff will leave you speechless when you hear him tell the biggest lie of his career.

You cannot be a sovereign nation if you don’t have secure borders.

And you can’t have open borders in a welfare state.

Invasion from the south

If you cannot control who and what comes into your nation, you really have no control of what happens within your nation.

And if the American people cannot control and have a say as to what is going on in their towns and on neighborhood streets because of violent gangs and illegal aliens, then what is the point of our federal government?

That’s the question many are now asking as they see the depth of the disaster happening along the Rio Grande.

What is happening at our southern border is nothing less than a full-scale catastrophic act of war.

An invasion.

Our southern border has become nothing more than a beacon for criminals and terrorists, resulting in more violent crime, drug deaths, and human trafficking around the country.

You name it and it’s coming across our border illegally.

Drugs, prostitution, gangs, human trafficking, and even terrorists are pouring across the border.

With regards to fentanyl alone, our border has been flooded with enough of the deadly drug to kill our whole nation countless times over.

And all this crime and destruction is heading to a street near you.

From September 2021 to September 2022 alone over 2.7 million illegal aliens flooded into the United States heading to all the lower forty-eight states with who knows what intentions.

To put that into perspective, that’s nearly double the size of the whole United States military which numbers 1.4 million personnel.

And for years the issue at our southern border has been used as a prop for many Republicans who really could care less while ignored by leftists who are grinning ear to ear with these types of numbers.

Death, destruction, and chaos are how the radical Left makes its biggest gains.

But leave it to Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff to tell one of the biggest lies that we have ever heard.

Schiff’s Big Lie

While appearing on the “gaggle of idiots” show, otherwise known as The View, Adam Schiff was asked about the Democrats’ lack of response to the crisis at the southern border.

Schiff smirked and claimed:

“I think it has been a very strong priority, and what we really need is a comprehensive approach to the border that is fair and humane and enforceable, and it’s very hard to do that on a — on a single-party basis. We really need to work together on this. We have come close at times, but — but at the moment it seems to be, again, the third rail of American politics.”

It takes a special kind of a pathological liar to say those sentences live on national television without missing a beat.

Of course Adam Schiff is up for the job.

Democrats haven’t cared about the southern border for decades.

They are willing to do anything to keep the floodgates open no matter how many Americans and illegal aliens have to die in the process.

Will our nation ever solve the crisis at the southern border?