Adam Schiff is sweating bullets after this humiliating scandal hit the airwaves

It has been over three years since Donald Trump’s first sham impeachment trial. 

Democrats used questionable claims from an anonymous source to impeach Donald Trump for completely made-up reasons. 

But Adam Schiff is sweating bullets after this humiliating scandal hit the airwaves.

Donald Trump’s impeachment trials will have a long-lasting impact on Presidential politics

Impeaching a United States President is a major undertaking and should only be reserved for the most serious of crimes. 

However, Democrats made it their mission to try and destroy Donald Trump for the most ridiculous things. 

The most glaring example of this was Donald Trump’s first impeachment trial, which was convened over a phone call he had with Ukrainian leadership. 

Even more disgraceful, it appears as if Adam Schiff went to extreme lengths to both shop for a whistleblower and censor any criticism of the impeachment. 

Private conversations between world leaders are usually confidential and even top secret, yet House Democrats in their zeal to “get” Donald Trump were able to get their hands on some recordings of such phone calls they were sure they could spin against President Trump.

Democrats got these recordings from an anonymous whistleblower.  

Given the confidential nature of these recordings, many are wondering who exactly turned these recordings over to House Democrats. 

But for some odd reason, Adam Schiff and his goons in Washington, D.C. are afraid to release this key detail. 

And now, it looks as if they even went as far as to beg Twitter to censor a story about the identity of this whistleblower. 

In a leaked memo, it was revealed that Adam Schiff asked Twitter to ban journalist Chirstopher Sperry from publishing the name of this whistleblower.

Schiff even accused Sperry of being a “conspiracy theorist” and part of QAnon.

In an email sent to the New York Post, Sperry said, “I have never promoted any ‘QAnon conspiracies.’ Ever. Not on Twitter. Not anywhere. Schiff was just angry I outed his impeachment whistleblower and tried to get me banned.  I challenge Schiff to produce evidence to back up his defamatory remarks to Twitter.”

Sperry then went on to say, “This is a scurrilous smear, but par for the course for the unscrupulous Chairman Schiff.”

Adam Schiff and the Democrats will do anything to silence anybody who gets in their way

 When it comes to Democrats like Adam Schiff, it is not enough to simply disagree with somebody. 

Schiff and his colleagues want to silence and censor anybody who gets in their way. 

This is not how our republic works, and it is a flagrant violation of the First Amendment. 

Thankfully, the Twitter Files have confirmed Democrats have been working with Big Tech to censor everybody who challenges the radical leftist agenda. 

The American public deserves to know more about why Democrat lawmakers were teaming up with Big Tech in an effort to silence them. 

Freedom of speech applies to all speech, not just speech that you agree with. 

This is yet another example of radical Democrats coming after the fundamental rights of everyday Americans. 

Now that the GOP has taken back control of the House they must make investigating these claims a top priority.

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