A woke Judge just handed down a shocking ruling that will leave you red with rage

The woke mob has done it again.

Words don’t have concrete meanings, laws aren’t really laws, and men can get pregnant.

And a woke Judge just handed down a shocking ruling that will leave you red with rage.

Far-left woke judge blocks enforcement of Michigan abortion ban

The battle to end abortion has been raging across the country since the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs decision.

It’s getting fought out in state legislatures and in the courts, as pro-abortion activists strive to cling to their idol of abortion-on-demand nationwide.

With divided government in Michigan (Democrat Governor, Republican Legislature) and a long-dormant ban on abortion on the books dating back to 1931, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her radical pro-abortion allies have been “fighting like hell” to keep abortion legal by any means necessary.

And they got their wish this week after Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Jacob Cunningham ruled that Michigan’s abortion ban cannot be enforced based on, essentially his feelings, partisan politics, and woke nonsense.

Rule of law torn to shreds

Cunningham’s ruling was just the latest assault on the rule of law in Michigan after Court of Claims Judge Elizabeth Gleicher ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood’s attempt to block the 1931 law.

Gleicher is a donor to Planned Parenthood, an obvious conflict of interest, but that didn’t matter to the partisan judge as she brazenly marched forward with her ruling.

But after Gleicher couldn’t force every jurisdiction in the state to heed her dictate, abortion activists moved their case to come before Judge Cunningham, who went on to grant himself an absurd amount of authority in his ruling to block the enforcement of the 1931 abortion ban.

Judge’s ruling ignores plain understanding of words and erases women

Cunningham claimed the ban didn’t pass Constitutional muster, regardless of the fact that it was passed by the Michigan Legislature and signed into law by the Governor back in 1931, and that the U.S. Supreme Court in Dobbs relegated the lawful authority to restrict abortion back to the states.

He claims that the abortion ban was “crafted exclusively by male lawmakers in 1931” as if that is in anyway relevant to whether or not it is Constitutional. 

He goes on to not talk about women are the people who can get pregnant but joins with “woke” weirdos in calling them “child-bearing people” and drivels on about how transgender men can get pregnant.

Rule of law made a mockery in Michigan

As if that isn’t absurd enough already, Cunningham displayed his pure partisan hackery and arrogance by declaring that Governor Whitmer’s attorneys arguing before him were extremely credible while only the pro-life attorneys were biased.


Woke leftist judges are destroying this nation one ruling at a time. 

They are changing the meaning of words, blatantly ignoring laws, and granting unheard of authority to government agencies.

Judge Jacob Cunningham ought to be tossed out of office as soon as possible, along with any others of his ilk if Michigan has any chance of restoring the rule of law.

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