A whistleblower just revealed some terrifying information about Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan

Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was a total failure.

But it’s much worse than anyone ever imagined.

And a whistleblower just revealed some terrifying information about Joe Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

In August of 2021, Joe Biden embarrassed the United States with his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

13 U.S. soldiers were murdered by ISIS terrorists at the Kabul Airport.

Biden left hundreds of Americans stranded behind enemy lines with no way out of the country.

And he also left the Taliban billions of dollars worth of military equipment, including guns, ammunition, tanks, helicopters, and planes.

Joe Biden’s failure in Afghanistan projected weakness and set the stage for Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Unvetted Afghan refugees flooded into America

Even though Joe Biden left hundreds of Americans trapped behind enemy lines, he somehow found a way to get nearly 100,000 Afghan refugees out of the country, many of which were brought to the United States.

“We’re resettling, working closely with the agency, just over an average of about 4,000 Afghan nationals a week,” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said at the time.

However, Mayorkas admitted that the administration was unable to properly vet all of the Afghan refugees brought to the United States.

“We are not conducting in-person, refugee interviews of 100 percent of individuals,” Mayorkas admitted.

Since mid-August of 2021, the Biden administration has resettled more than 85,000 Afghan refugees across 46 states in America.

Whistleblower sounded the alarm over Afghan refugees

Senators Josh Hawley and Ron Johnson recently sent a letter to the Department of Defense Inspector General with a terrifying claim from a whistleblower about the refugees.

According to the whistleblower, the Biden administration’s vetting process for refugees “was even worse than the public was led to believe.”

“We write to you with concern over new allegations raised by a Department of Defense (DoD) whistleblower,” the Senators wrote. “This information may show the Biden Administration’s failure to vet those evacuated from Afghanistan was even worse than the public was led to believe.”

But even more terrifying is the number of refugees who were resettled in America who were also on the terrorist watch list.

“According to new allegations, 324 individuals evacuated from Afghanistan were allowed to enter the United States, despite appearing on the DoD’s Biometrically Enabled Watchlist (BEWL),” the letter continued.

The BEWL “identifies individuals whose biometrics have been collected and determined by analysts to be threats or potential threats to national security, including known suspected terrorists (KST).”

Along with 324 refugees who are on the terrorist watch list, 65 other Afghanis made it into the country without undergoing any vetting at all.

The whistleblower also accused the Biden administration of instructing personnel to cut corners when vetting and processing refugees.

“Furthermore, the whistleblower alleges that political appointees at the National Security Council (NSC) and DoD instructed agency personnel to cut corners when processing evacuees in Afghanistan and at staging bases in Europe, also known as ‘lily pads,’” the letter read. “According to the whistleblower, rather than administer fingerprint tests on all ten fingers, personnel were told to abbreviate their tests in order to promote the rushed evacuation from Afghanistan.”

But the scandal goes even deeper.

“Personnel at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) who work on vetting Afghan evacuees have been authorized to delete old biometric data,” the letter added.

These are serious accusations from the whistleblower that threaten the safety and security of every American if true.

Hawley and Johnson are asking the Biden administration to detail how many Afghans resettled in the United States matched identities in the federal government’s “watch list” databases, including how many were noted to be suspected terrorists.

If Joe Biden instructed his agencies to cut corners, potentially allowing terrorists to enter the country, he must be impeached immediately.

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