A Washington Post columnist just tore into Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Democrats can usually count on the Washington Post to carry their water. 

Like most corporate-controlled outlets, they tend to run cover for Joe Biden’s incompetence. 

But a Washington Post columnist just tore into Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Left wing rags will often have a token “conservative.”

For the Washington Post, that is George Will.

Of course, George Will is a Never-Trumper who voted for Joe Biden in 2020. 

That is about as conservative as you can be and still be allowed to write for this leftist rag. 

Will has repeatedly bashed Donald Trump, and now it seems he wants to vote for another Democrat should Donald Trump run again in 2024. 

But he made it clear that he doesn’t want that Democrat to be Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. 

Unfit for office

Will recently penned an article for the Post declaring both Biden and Harris unfit for office and called on them to step aside in 2024. 

He wrote, “In 2024, the Republican Party might present the nation with a presidential nominee whose unfitness has been demonstrated. After next Tuesday’s sobering election results, Democrats should resolve not to insult and imperil the nation by doing likewise.”

Will pointed out how Biden seems to be confused about even the actions he takes as President. 

He mentioned how Biden claimed that he “signed a law” that bailed out student debt, rather than an executive order. 

Biden even inexplicably claimed that it was a “bill that passed by a vote or two.”

“It is frightening that Biden does not know, or remember, what he recently did regarding an immensely important policy. He must be presumed susceptible to future episodes of similar bewilderment. He should leave the public stage on Jan. 20, 2025,” he wrote.

Of course, Will is just pointing out what many of us have seen since before the 2020 election.

Joe Biden’s mental faculties are in serious decline, and he isn’t really in any kind of shape to finish this term, let alone serve another four years. 

Will ripped Kamala too

Of course, Kamala Harris believes she should be next in line for the Presidency. 

She may well end up serving the remainder of Biden’s first term, but she would be a complete disaster as a candidate in 2024. 

She is one of the least popular Vice Presidents in history, with approval numbers even worse than Biden’s. 

While Joe Biden’s ineptness can largely be chalked up to his age and defining faculties, Harris doesn’t have that excuse. 

Will pointed out several of Harris’ nonsensical word salad-like remarks, such as “Community banks are in the community.”

He described Harris as someone who “is giving a book report on a book she hasn’t read.”

Will scorched both Biden and Harris writing, “Regarding Biden and Harris, the national Democratic Party faces two tests of stewardship: Its imprimatur cannot again be bestowed on either of them. Biden is not just past his prime; even adequacy is in his past. And this is Harris’s prime.”

It’s clear that many Democrats know that running either Biden or Harris in 2024 will be disastrous for the Party.

And the fact that even The Washington Post would run such an article proves it.

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