A Trump-endorsed Senate candidate sent shock waves with these comments about Elon Musk and Twitter

Big Tech social media platforms have spent the past several years silencing and canceling conservative voices.

Elon Musk vows to change that with his recent purchase of Big Tech giant, Twitter.

But this MAGA Senate candidate in a prominent battleground state sent shock waves with his recent comments about Musk buying Twitter.

Republican Ohio Senate candidate, JD Vance, is excited for the future of free speech on Twitter, with the company’s recent purchase by Tesla Founder Elon Musk.

“I think it’s a great thing that Elon’s buying Twitter,” Vance said. “Because it is not a free speech platform. But it is, sort of, the most important for media and politics in the country. So, I think it’s good for Twitter that Elon’s buying it.”

However, the Trump-endorsed Vance believes it is important for Americans to remember while celebrating the world’s richest man buying Twitter and making it private – that is just a small piece of culture war being waged against conservatives.

“At the end of the day, the Big Tech problem – Twitter’s a very small part of it,” Vance said. “You’ve still got Facebook, you still got Google, so you still need a policy response to Big Tech. Unless, Elon’s going to buy all three or four. But I don’t think he has enough money to do that.”

The best-selling author of Hillbilly Elegy made the comments at a rally with Donald Trump Jr.

Don Jr. agreed with Vance’s point.

“I think JD is 100% right in the sense that Facebook is a much bigger problem in terms of the monetary side, where it actually reaches,” Trump Jr. said. “You know, Twitter, it feels like the biggest thing to people in politics, because they’re on there and they’re in their echo chambers. But, for the average American, it’s by far, probably, the least important platform that there is out there.”

Don Jr. also made the point that just because Musk now owns Twitter, it doesn’t mean the conglomerate is going to change overnight.

“I mean, there’s tens of thousands of people that work there, that are all indoctrinated into that leftist thinking,” Don Jr. said. “So, you can’t just say, ‘Hey, we’re going to change things.’ You’ve got to get everyone else to comply.”

Vance is running in a crowded GOP primary in Ohio to replace retiring Republican Senator Rob Portman.

He is leading in the most recent poll of the contest, with 23% support from Republican voters.

The Fox News poll has former Ohio Treasurer and Congressman Josh Mandel running second with 18%, businessman Mike Gibbons at 13%, Cleveland Guardians executive Matt Dolan at 11% and former State GOP Chair Jane Timken at 6%.

The winner of the Republican primary on May 3 will likely go on to face incumbent Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan in the general election.

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