A top Senator just fired a warning shot at Joe Biden over this major crisis

Joe Biden has completely checked out. 

The nation is crumbling apart by almost all measures but Biden and his administration act like everything is fine. 

But a Senator just fired a warning shot over this major crisis. 

The southern border has devolved into a full-out crisis under Joe Biden’s watch

Joe Biden’s Presidency so far is the true embodiment of Murphy’s law. 

When can go wrong will go wrong, and so far just about everything has gone wrong. 

The most obvious failure of the Biden administration can be seen at America’s southern border with Mexico. 

Every day thousands of illegal aliens pour into America with no end in sight. 

These illegal aliens often have no documentation, and lately, violent terrorist and cartel members have been apprehended at the border, proving that there are very dangerous people being allowed to enter America completely unchecked. 

Naturally, Joe Biden and the far-left are welcoming this surge of economic migrants, because they know that once they are lured in with generous welfare benefits, they will likely vote Democrat. 

And when it comes to Democrat politicians, they only care about getting elected and getting reelected.  

If that means human trafficking Mexicans into America and destroying America in the process, then so be it. 

Now is the time for America to take action

The good news is that not everyone in Washington, D.C. is on a mission to destroy this nation. 

This was evidenced the other day when Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas sent a powerful message to the negligent Biden administration. 

While standing in front of the Senate to introduce a new Senate Resolution on border security, Senator Marshall announced, “I rise to ask for passage by unanimous consent, my resolution to express the sense of the Senate that the unprecedented crisis at the southern border constitutes an invasion on the United States of America”. 

He went on to say “In 2019, Joe Biden called for ‘all those people seeking asylum’ to ‘immediately surge to the border.’ He pledged free health care for illegal immigrants and pledged support for sanctuary cities. One of his first actions as president was sending proposed legislation to Congress that would provide a path to citizenship for 10 to 12 million illegal aliens residing in the United States.” 

Senator Marshall is 100% correct on this one. 

What is happening is a complete and total invasion, and such lawlessness should not be tolerated. 

Without borders, there is no America. 

It is that simple. 

The selfish ambitions of the Democrats to create an open border must be squashed immediately. 

If people from Mexico and Latin America want to enter this nation, they must do so the legal way, just like immigrants have been doing for hundreds of years. 

Their ability to cut in line is costing this nation valuable resources and is destroying countless communities plagued by cartel drugs and violence. 

Border security needs to be a top priority in this nation instead of an afterthought, or in Biden’s case a nonissue. 

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