A top Obama official just gave Nancy Pelosi some bad news that she was dreading

Joe Biden’s collapsing Presidency is making Nancy Pelosi’s life a nightmare.

She’s hanging onto power by a thread.

And a top Obama official just gave her some bad news that she was dreading.

Nancy Pelosi is in the fight of her political life to hang on to control of the House.

With a paper thin majority, she’s got no margin for error if she wants to keep power.

Joe Biden’s failed Presidency is destroying Democrats’ slim hopes for keeping control of Congress.

The situation is getting so bad that the corporate-controlled media is starting to sound the alarm.

Steve Rattner appeared on MSNBC with devastating news about Democrats prospects in the upcoming midterms.

Rattner oversaw the auto bailout under Barack Obama as the Car Czar.

He bluntly declared, “Democrats have a problem.”

Biden’s approval rating has “essentially been a straight down decline” according to Rattner.

Based on history, he believes this sinking approval rating is setting up Democrats for a massive loss of anywhere from 35 to 50 seats in the House.

“These numbers point you to a pretty ugly result in the House,” he remarked.

For the Senate, his news didn’t get any better.

“You assume that because of the shift in sentiment that a Democrat in a state that Biden won by less than 9% is in danger,” he remarked.

Four Senate seats up this year fit that profile: New Hampshire, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada.

Anything could happen in the other Senate races just outside this range according to Rattner.

But this was just the beginning of the bad news he had for Congressional Democrats.

“There was a poll done a month ago in which the Democrats in Congress are stunningly underwater,” he said.

Rattner mentioned a poll that asked voters which party you trusted more to handle an issue.

He rattled off inflation, national security, and the economy as issues that Republicans were ahead of Democrats by double digits.

“There’s simply not a belief among the American people that the Democrats are well equipped to handle pretty much any problem,” he said.

The MSNBC host remarked that “all that is reflected in Joe Biden’s personal polls as well.”

This is a political nightmare for Nancy Pelosi and Democrats heading into the midterms.

Things are catastrophically bad for Democrats if a former top Obama official shows up on MSNBC with a prediction of political doom.

Even worse is that he admitted that Americans don’t think Democrats can handle any problem.

Democrats know they’re in big trouble heading into the Midterm elections when commentators on MSNBC are sounding the alarm.

And Rattner’s prediction is backed up by polling.

Biden’s approval rating has consistently been underwater for months.

With Democrats in control of government, the midterms will be a referendum on the disastrous Biden regime.

And Steve Rattner’s prediction will give Nancy Pelosi another headache to deal with as she fights to keep her job.

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