A Republican candidate was arrested for one move that will make you want to crawl out of your skin

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American politics has become a magnet that seems to exclusively attract individuals who are completely out of touch with reality and in many cases downright insane.

This is just the latest example of that fact.

And now a Republican candidate was arrested for one move that will make you want to crawl out of your skin.

Woman throws tarantula at “squatter”

Marisa Simonetti is an aspiring career politician in Minnesota, but now she’s been arrested.

The 30-year-old was placed in handcuffs after she allegedly threw a literal tarantula at someone in her home during a disagreement.

Simonetti was arrested on an assault charge after being accused of tossing the large eight-legged arachnid inside the five-bedroom Edna residence, which is located just outside of Minneapolis.

The incident occurred when local attorney and housemate Jackie Vasquez called the police to tell them that Simonetti was trespassing on her section of the property.

Once the police arrived, Vasquez informed them that Simonetti threw the spider along with other random items at her during the dispute.

Vasquez had rented part of the home to have a quiet space to study for the California Bar Exam.

Meanwhile, Simonetti is running for the Hennepin County Board as a Republican.

Footage of the incident eventually made its way to social media, and it shows Simonetti dumping the massive tarantula out of a container along a staircase inside the home.

According to Simonetti, the fight broke out after she accused Vasquez of being a squatter.

However, the aspiring career politician does not own the property, and said she rented a downstairs room to Vasquez several weeks earlier using a short-term rental website.

Simonetti said things escalated when Vasquez refused to leave the property once the short-term rental contract was up.

But Vasquez said that she was not a squatter, and paid $1,500 to live there.

“Perhaps I should have invited her up for tea and crumpets,” Simonetti said sarcastically when discussing the fight.

The tarantula tosser spent a weekend in police custody, but she was released after her court hearing that Monday.

Spider thrower thinks the incident is funny

Even though the spider-squatter scuffle has blown up on social media, Simonetti says she still plans to run for Hennepin County Commissioner.

She also said that her decision to throw the tarantula and other items down the stairs was an ode to the movie Home Alone.

“I mean, there is an element of humor to that movie, and at the end, what was I supposed to do? And at the end of the day, unhinged got her out of the house,” Simonetti told FOX 9.

“I’m good at creatively solving problems, and at the end of the day, I didn’t physically harm anybody. I’m a little unconventional in my ways – sometimes, I mean, I’m a silly goose,” she added.

For now, she has been granted a public defender and her next court appearance will take place in mid-July.

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