A remarkable ancient Egyptian discovery has Simpsons fans picking their jaws off the floor 

Ricardo Liberato, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The splendor and mystery of ancient Egypt has captivated explorers for thousands of years. 

Researchers continue to regularly uncover fascinating Egyptian artifacts many of which continue to contradict the narrative supposed experts have built around its history.

But a remarkable ancient Egyptian discovery has Simpsons fans picking their jaws off the floor. 

The Simpsons is proof we live in a simulation

Few ancient societies continue to capture the imagination of humanity quite like the ancient Egyptians.

As a result, every international superpower from the Romans to Napoleonic France, to the British Empire has invested heavily in researching ancient Egypt.

Centuries of research have uncovered some of antiquity’s greatest treasures, including gold jewelry, advanced tools, and exquisite works of art. 

Just recently, researchers uncovered an ancient coffin in Minya, Egypt, which has been dated to the New Kingdom, making it around 3,500 years old. 

At first glance, researchers were thrilled with the excellent condition of the coffin, however, what they found inside has caused a firestorm on the internet. 

On the inside of the upper panel of the coffin, researchers uncovered a life-sized image of a woman with yellow skin, tall blue hair, and a long green dress. 

Almost immediately, people noted this woman’s striking resemblance to the matriarch of The Simpsons, Marge Simpson. 

Researchers have seen similar depictions on other coffins, noting that ancient Egyptians in this region routinely created images of the deceased on the upper lid of their coffins, as part of a religious ritual. 

A closer look at this particular coffin allowed researchers to determine that it belonged to Tadi Ist, daughter of the High Priest of Djehouti in Ashmunein. 

Discoveries such as this have helped archeologists, historians, and scientists to get a better understanding of how people lived during this era. 

Archeologists have even found evidence in similar coffins that Egyptians attempted to treat terminal diseases such as cancer with the medicine available to them at the time. 

These sorts of finds can help modern scientists and doctors to expand their research into cancer, possibly opening the door for new treatments. 

As far as the striking resemblance to Marge Simpson, historians have chalked this up to a shocking coincidence.

Of course, these are the same “experts” who routinely reject evidence that contradicts their narratives about human history, so their complete dismal of the find is nothing new.

But this has not stopped internet users from speculating about the image.

It does not help that many Simpsons faithful believe that this wildly popular cartoon has predicted the future in previous episodes, adding to the mystique of this find. 

Egyptologists still have much to discover across the Nile Delta and beyond  

Archeologists have sifted through the Egyptian sand for millennia, hoping to find treasures from ancient Egypt. 

Although much has already been discovered, many researchers agree that there is still much to find. 

Every year, amazing artifacts come to the surface, allowing people to get a taste of what life may have been like thousands of years ago. 

Further research into this fascinating period of human history can help modern people to unlock the past. 

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