A podcaster took on YouTube on Debate Night and turned in possibly the most dominant performance of the day

StevenCrowder, CC BY 3.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

While Joe Biden was utterly embarrassing himself during the first Presidential debate another battle was being waged.

And quite frankly it produced just as many fireworks.

That’s because a podcaster took on YouTube on Debate Night and turned in possibly the most dominant performance of the day.

Donald Trump defeated Joe Biden on debate night 

A reported 51.3 million viewers tuned in and watched as former President Donald Trump destroyed incumbent President Joe Biden in what can only generously be called a “debate” last week. 

President Biden confirmed every fear voters had about him during the CNN debate.

In hindsight, Democrats’ media and Big Tech allies would like to blackhole the debate from Americans’ memories to protect the sitting President. 

However, prior to the event, CNN was trying to reduce the number of viewers for an entirely different reason. 

Podcasters Steven Crowder and Tim Pool both reported that the self-proclaimed “most-trusted name in news” planned to take down debate streamers using the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Reclaim the Net then reported that YouTube issued copyright violations against dozens of YouTubers who were live streaming their reactions to the debate. 

But none of that stopped conservative comedian Steven Crowder from being one of the biggest winners on debate night. 

Steven Crowder defeated CNN on debate night 

According to Rumble, the Louder with Crowder debate live stream was the biggest of the night for the free-speech alternative to YouTube. 

In fact, Crowder drew so many viewers to his live stream of the debate that it crashed Rumble for 45 minutes. 

Fortunately for viewers, Louder with Crowder was multi-casting their stream to its “Mug Club” page on Locals and YouTube as well. 

At one point there were 250,000 concurrently streaming on one of the Louder with Crowder streams, beating the streaming numbers for both Fox News and NBC. 

Despite also being streamed on Mug Club and Rumble, Crowder’s live stream on YouTube still tallied about 925,000 views. 

The stream included live fact-checking of Biden’s many lies during the debate, pointing out when the moderators would save Biden, a drinking game, guests, and an endless supply of jokes. 

Crowder, while not a huge name in print, radio or television, has one of the larger followings for an independent commentator on YouTube and Rumble.

He and his team have more plans for upcoming election coverage. 

Louder with Crowder CEO Gerald Morgan has announced the team will be going live on Election Night, when they’ll introduce their brand-new Election Integrity Map. 

However, the next live stream for Crowder and the gang will be July 18 when they go live from the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

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