A Member of Congress is sounding the alarm on the sinister reality of what’s lurking in the shadows of Washington, D.C.

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As the nation’s capital Washington, D.C. is a popular tourist destination filled with historic monuments and museums.

But tourists who flock to the city need to be aware of one frightening fact.

And now a Member of Congress is sounding the alarm on the sinister reality of what’s lurking in the shadows of Washington, D.C.

Congressman issues warning about Washington, D.C.

This week, Rep. Bryan Steil (R-WI), the Chairman of the House Administration Committee, warned visitors to Washington, D.C. about the skyrocketing crime rate in the nation’s capital.

The warning was included in a memo that advised people on how to handle criminal acts to help minimize the risk of being a victim of violence, including crimes like carjackings.

Washington. D.C. is dealing with extremely high rates of crime, leaving many to wonder whether it’s even safe to live within city limits.

When compared to this time in 2022, Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police have seen a 28% increase in homicides, which is on pace to reach the highest level in over 20 years.

Robberies are up a staggering 67%, and many residents in the city have said they’re even scared to drive short distances because of the problem.

The Mexican consulate in Washington, D.C. has even issued a warning to its citizens who may visit the city.

“The city of Washington, D.C. is experiencing a significant increase in crime in areas previously considered safe,” the Mexican consulate wrote in a statement. “Take precautions. In an emergency, call 911.”

Rep. Steil held a safety meeting in response to the rise in crime, which was attended by members of both the U.S. Capitol and Metropolitan police forces.

During the meeting, a pair of Capitol Hill staffers recounted an instance in which they were mugged, and several recommendations were made to help staffers deal with the rise in crime.

Some of the recommendations included not wearing jewelry while using public transportation, and not leaving any valuables visible within a parked vehicle to avoid attracting criminals. 

A few people suggested that residents and visitors leave a space between cars at red lights to limit violent crimes, like carjacking and armed robbery, which would give them more room to flee. 

Other suggestions included minimizing the use of cell phones while walking to help limit distractions in the event of an attempted robbery or assault.

“It’s so concerning… to think in a city of just over 500,000 people that 5,000 cars have been stolen already this year,” Steil said.

“That’s 20 to 25 a day,” he continued. “Seven hundred of those have been the result of carjackings, where people have been viciously thrown out of their cars and thrown out into the streets as the criminals drive away.”

The concern is real

Congressman Steil is right to be concerned as the statistics prove violent crime is continually on the rise in Washington, D.C.

He mentioned that it’s not just the recommendations to avoid carjackings and car thefts, but that the city is also seeing problems “with assault, with burglary, robbery, murder.”

The crime wave is now forcing Capitol Police to protect people against street crimes instead of focusing on Members of Congress, according to Steil.

“There’s no sign that this crime is slowing down,” Steil added. “If you want to know what happens in our nation’s largest cities under complete Democratic control, look no further than your nation’s capital, crime is spiking.”

It’s important to note that Congress overrode Washington, D.C. criminal code reform laws that would have only made matters worse by lessening penalties and eliminating mandatory sentences for violent crimes.

“Crime is so bad in Washington, D.C., that at the end of the day, Joe Biden found himself forced to vote with us,” Steil said.

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