A long-time aide to Kamala Harris just made one announcement that shows why she will never be President

Not many people actually believe Joe Biden will run for a second term in 2024.

Some Democrats are making moves that appear to be laying the groundwork for a Presidential bid.

But a long-time aide to Kamala Harris just made one announcement that shows why she will never be President.

When Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris as his running mate, she thought it would cement her position as the next-in-line to carry the torch for the Democrat Party.

But Kamala Harris has been a total failure as Vice President.

Her public appearances have been filled with non-stop gaffes, blunders, and downright embarrassing failures.

Polls currently show Kamala Harris is the least popular Vice President in the past 50 years.

Long-time Harris aide departing office

After nearly six years by her side, Rohini Kosoglu is one of Vice President Kamala Harris’ longest serving aides.

But not for much longer, as Kosoglu just announced she is departing from Harris’ office in the coming weeks.

After serving as a senior adviser to Harris during the transition and serving as chief of staff in both her Senate office and past Presidential campaign, Kosoglu served as Harris’ domestic policy adviser in the White House.

As usual, the administration tried to spin Kosoglu’s departure to avoid discussion of the pattern of staff instability Harris is known for.

“It’s been six years, and she understands that my family’s very much looking forward to this time, and that I will always be here should she need any trusted information or counsel,” Kosoglu said in an interview. “Even through this time period, she’s been an invaluable source of support and guidance to me to come to this decision.”

In a statement, Kamala Harris praised Kosoglu as “a brilliant and trusted leader” who has “brought vision, strategic judgment, and a depth of experience as our Administration has addressed some of the most urgent challenges facing our nation.”

Kamala’s staff problems

Of course, few believe Kamala Harris’ attempt to brush off Kosoglu’s sudden departure as nothing serious.

After all, Harris’ office has been bleeding staffers since day one of the Biden administration.

In the spring, Harris’ Chief-of-Staff, Tina Flournoy, her Deputy Chief-of-Staff, Michael Fuchs, and her National Security Adviser, Nancy McEldowney, suddenly resigned from her office.

And last year, numerous top aides ditched Harris and left her office.

This included her Chief Spokesperson Symone Sanders and Communications Chief Ashley Etienne.

Overall, 13 staffers have left Harris’ office since last summer.

This is nothing new for Harris, as she has been plagued by staff issues during most of her career as a politician.

In 2020, sources complained to the press about Harris’ management style during her Presidential campaign, leading POLITICO to publish an article about the toxic environment within her office.

And her entire tenure as Vice President is overshadowed by gaffes, blunders, and staff departures due to the toxic office environment she maintains.

If Joe Biden decides to step aside in 2024, no one knows who will replace him.

But it certainly will not be Kamala Harris.

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