A liberal comic said something about Kayleigh McEnany that will leave you speechless

The corporate-controlled media treated former Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany like a punching bag.

How the press attacked McEnany offended millions of Americans.

And what this liberal comic said about Kayleigh McEnany will leave you speechless.

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan defended Kayleigh McEnany in a recent episode with fellow comedian Tony Hinchcliffe.

Rogan unfavorably compared current White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki to McEnany by noting that Psaki would just make stuff up like she was hosting a podcast.

“Sometimes she [Psaki] says things in confidence but, just like being on a f***ing podcast, sometimes you say things and you think it’s true while you’re saying it,” Rogan stated. “Turns out it’s not and you represent the President of the United States and no one is fact-checking you in real time, it’s all happening live on television. Yikes, f*** that job.”

Rogan explained that the job of White House Press Secretary and that the nature of the job makes it impossible for whoever holds the position to come across good to the public.

However, Rogan did state that he believed Kayleigh McEnany was the exception.

Rogan told listeners that the press would try and hit McEnany with all sorts of “gotcha” questions, but that she would come prepared with a binder full of facts and figures to shut down the media’s attempts to manufacture scandals.

“Everybody [who] gets it hates it,” Rogan added. “The only one who was good at it, the last lady with Trump. Kayleigh McEnany. She’s the best. She’s the GOAT at that sh*t. She would have f***ing receipts, she would have tabs in her notebook she would pull right to when she knew they were coming with a gotcha.”

Rogan especially took pleasure in the manner in which McEnany would shut down left-wing entertainment and CNN correspondent Jim Acosta.

“She took large dumps on Jim Acosta’s head,” Rogan exclaimed. “Just get out of here.”

The corporate-controlled media relentlessly attacked McEnany as a liar and a threat to democracy during her tenure as Press Secretary.

But outside of the Washington, D.C. bubble, those feelings were not shared.

Joe Rogan represents an audience of millions of everyday Americans who are tired of the media’s normal games.

And regular people appreciated the job Kayleigh McEnany did as Press Secretary.

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