A law-abiding gun owner is coming under fire after saving countless lives

There is nothing more dangerous than a so-called “gun-free” zone. 

Believe it or not, a sign does not stop a crazed gunman from wreaking havoc, making law-abiding gun owners essential to public safety. 

But now ​​a law-abiding gun owner is coming under fire after saving countless lives.

The Left is putting lives in danger with their woke anti-gun campaigns

Over the last several months in particular, the far-left has been on a crusade to strip law-abiding Americans of their Second Amendment right to keep and arms. 

Passing so-called “gun control” has been at the top of the far-left’s agenda over the last several decades, and unsurprisingly, the Left has spread a plethora of lies to achieve gun control. 

Among these lies is the idea that creating “gun-free zones” creates a sterile environment free of “gun violence.” 

This could not be any further from the truth. 

If anything these gun-free zones are feeding grounds for bloodthirsty criminals.  

Criminals by definition do not care about the rules and often do not give a damn what signs and warnings have to say.  

After all, what better place to cause mayhem than somewhere where you know you will not be resisted against. 

Gun-free zones are not just extremely dangerous, but they also serve as a middle finger to the Second Amendment. 

A good guy with a gun saved the day once again

A dynamic that infuriates the Left is the concept of a good guy with a gun saving the day. 

That is because this common-sense notion completely undermines their anti-American crusade to take law-abiding citizens’ guns away. 

But time after time, responsible gun owners have stopped mass shootings and other tragedies, thus highlighting the importance of legal gun ownership. 

And just recently in a shopping mall in Indiana, a mass shooting was thwarted by a 22-year-old law-abiding gun owner, Elisjsha Dicken. 

The other day a crazed gunman opened fire at the Greenwood Mall in Greenwood, Indiana. 

But within 15-seconds, a brave, law-abiding gun owner was able to put down the shooter, firing ten shots, beginning at 40-yards away progressing toward the shooter and hitting the suspect eight times. 

This heroic action by a good guy with a gun in a gun-free zone saved countless lives that would not have been saved otherwise. 

Unfortunately, the shooter was able to kill three people before being shot, but the death toll could have easily been higher if it were not for this hero. 

This act of heroism yet again proves why gun-free zones are so deadly, and why legal gun ownership is so important for public safety. 

Naturally, stories such as this one infuriate the far-left and Dicken is already coming under fire from leftists who are furious he was exercising his right to conceal carry under Indiana’s Constitutional Carry law, which went into effect just days before on July 1. 

After all, what good is a good story about a hero saving countless lives if it does not fit their anti-American, anti-gun rhetoric.

Gun-free zones need to become a thing of the past if America ever hopes to get a hold on the gun violence that has been sweeping America as of late. 

Society is only safer when criminals and madmen don’t know who’s armed. 

And in this case, the madman had no clue someone in the crowd would fight back.

There’s no denying Elisjsha Dicken is a hero whose actions saved lives and he was empowered to do so by the state recognizing his natural right to keep and bear arms.

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