A gut-wrenching new trend sweeping the nation has pro-life Americans sick to their stomachs

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Pro-life groups have always been fighting a battle that was difficult for most of them to understand.

The idea of taking the life of an unborn child just seems to be the epitome of a fallen culture.

But now a gut-wrenching new trend sweeping the nation has pro-life Americans sick to their stomachs.

Delaware legislature sends disheartening bill to governor’s desk

Pro-life groups are used to fighting for the unborn, but now they are taking on an even more confusing challenge. 

Fighting for the living. 

The Delaware legislature sent shockwaves across the nation last week when they passed H.B. 140. 

The bill has been dubbed “assisted suicide” legislation, and will become law if Democrat Governor John Carney doesn’t veto it.

The proposed legislation would allow adult patients that have received a “terminal” diagnosis to end their own life with the help of a medical professional. 

Proponents say that it will provide people with less than six months to live with the option of taking matters into their own hands.

Critics say that it is a slippery slope that will lead to more medically assisted suicide laws being created. 

But a group of pro-life nurses are standing up to the insanity.

“Legitimate healthcare heals; it doesn’t kill. . .”

The National Association of Pro-life Nurses (NAPN) says that the bill is a “moral catastrophe that corrupts the very soul of healthcare.” 

The executive director for NAPN, Marie Ashby says that the bill is taking advantage of “the desperate” and “the disadvantaged.” 

“Legitimate healthcare heals; it doesn’t kill,” she said.

Ashby went on to say that using “poison as a perverse form of mercy” is not what the medical industry should strive for. 

“This law perverts our profession’s sacred duty, turning nurses from guardians of life into agents of death. We will not be silent. We will not comply,” she said.

The President of NAPN, Dorothy Kane, joined Ashby in the condemnation. 

“Delaware has chosen death over dignity, despair over hope,” she said.

“This law doesn’t just fail patients—it betrays them. . .we urge Governor Carney to veto this legislation immediately,” Kane added.

NAPN isn’t the only group pushing back.

Diocese calls the bill “government sanctioned suicide”

The Catholic Diocese of Wilmington addressed the issue in a statement directed at Governor Carney. 

The diocese urged parishioners to call or email the governor’s office and express discontent. 

“This bill legalizes suicide in Delaware by drug overdose prescribed by doctors, physicians assistants, and nurse practitioners. . .” the statement begins.

“We condemn these efforts because of our religious belief that all life is sacred and should be protected from conception to natural death,” the diocese explained.

The statement went onto suggest that “all people of good will” should see this law for what it is—a “government sanctioned suicide” bill. 

“This bill encourages the most vulnerable and those who need our care the most to see themselves as merely a burden for their loved ones. . .” they say.

Healthcare needs to return to caring for people — not murdering them.

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