A grand jury had damning words for this school district that tried to cover up these horrendous crimes

Leftist policies have endangered kids who attend government schools. 

Schools are putting their woke agenda ahead of kids’ safety. 

And a grand jury had damning words for this school district that tried to cover up these horrendous crimes.

At Stone Bridge High School, a biological male who identified as “gender fluid” sexually assaulted a 9th grade girl in the girls restroom, which he was allowed to use because of woke policies. 

School administrators tried to cover up the incident, and moved the perpetrator to another school where he assaulted another victim. 

After just five months at the new school, he grabbed a girl from the hallway and drug her into an empty classroom where he assaulted her. 

The father of the first girl who he assaulted spoke out at a school board meeting about policies that allow biological males to use the girls’ restroom. 

The school board had the father arrested. 

Several other parents who attended schoolboard meetings voicing similar concerns became the target of the DOJ, which labeled them as “domestic terrorists.”

The district failed to protect students

Virginia Republican Attorney General Jason Miyares empaneled a grand jury to investigate the district’s role in covering up the sexual assaults.

The grand jury released a report that stated “It is our considered judgment that the October 6, 2021 sexual assault at Broad Run High School never should have occurred, Had any number of individuals across a variety of entities spoken up or realized a serious problem was brewing regarding earlier incidents at BRHS then the sexual assault most likely would not have occurred. But nobody did.”

“There were several decision points for senior LCPS administrators, up to and including the superintendent, to be transparent and step in and alter the sequence of events leading up to the October 6, 2021 BRHS sexual assault,” it continues. “They failed at every juncture.”

According to the report, there were ample warning signs that the perpetrator was likely to commit a second assault, but school officials did nothing. 

The Grand Jury concluded that the district “bears the brunt of the blame” for the second assault.

The report also listed out the district’s attempts to obstruct the investigation. 

Despite all the damning statements in the report, school board Vice Chairman Ian Serotkin tried to claim the report somehow vindicated the district in a Facebook post, saying, “We are pleased that the Special Grand Jury’s extensive investigation found no evidence of criminal conduct.”

The school district employees who worked to cover up these disgusting crimes should face prison, though this seems unlikely at this point. 

This case shows just how dangerous the woke agenda is. 

If a male who identified as such committed these crimes, it is unlikely he would have received the same leniency. 

But since he is “transgender” he received special treatment. 

It’s disgusting that this school district put the transgender lobby ahead of the safety of this scumbag’s victims. 

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