A Fox News star stunned a RINO traitor with one brutal question

One way Donald Trump changed the Republican Party was conservatives became quicker to call out RINOs for their lies and betrayals.

Republican elected officials continue to learn this lesson the hard way.

And this Fox News star stunned a RINO traitor with one brutal question.

Fox News Primetime host Jesse Watters grilled South Carolina RINO Senator Lindsey Graham on why the Senate can shovel $40 billion out the door in a matter of days to fund the proxy war against Russia in Ukraine, but refuses to take action to solve the invasion at the southern border or runaway inflation.

Watters told Graham the lightning speed with which the Senate acted left Americans feeling abandoned, as their problems and concerns went ignored.

“Senator, you know how we feel about this,” Watters stated. “We want to help Ukraine, obviously. But it goes out the door so fast like everything gets done for Ukraine, like this, like that. Billions out the door like this. And meanwhile, Americans are looking around like, ‘Hey Congress, what about us?’”

Graham claimed to understand, but defended escalating the conflict with Russia on the grounds that Ukraine was winning.

“I totally get it.” Graham began, before adding that Ukraine was “delivering a whoop ass on the Russian army.”

That didn’t satisfy Watters, who then pressed Graham on the fact that Joe Biden’s socialist agenda was “whooping our asses here at home.”

“I know, but we’re getting our asses whooped here, Senator,” Watters shot back. “You know that, come on. And we should’ve gotten that weaponry out to them a year ago when we saw the buildup coming.”

Watters wanted to know why the Senate could not walk and chew gum at the same time, demanding an answer as to why Congress could fast-track military aid for Ukraine, but do nothing to secure the southern border.

“Can’t we do both, Senator?” Watters pressed. “Can’t we do fast-track for America? Everything is fast-tracked overseas, can’t we fast track it here?”

Graham tried to sound like he understood.

“I’m with you,” Graham responded. “Why don’t we fast-track changing our laws at the border? Why don’t we fast-track oil and gas, right? Why don’t we drill for oil and gas that we own?”

“I can’t argue with you. I’m not trying to argue with you that we should be doing more here at home. We should have rational border policies. We don’t,” Graham concluded.

But Graham is one of the biggest supporters of amnesty in the United States Senate.

Graham also supported so-called “climate change” legislation that will destroy the American oil and natural gas industry.

The only thing Lindsey Graham’s ever been consistent on is supporting every foreign war the Washington establishment debated.

And Graham has no problem fast-tracking money for war spending and ignoring the border because he is a RINO who supports endless foreign wars and open borders.

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