A former NBA player just went on an unhinged racist rant about this conservative Supreme Court Justice

Although the radical Left likes to think of themselves as “anti-racists” and “social justice warriors,” often the exact opposite is true. 

In fact, just about every time a gay or black conservative speaks their mind, the Left launches vicious and disgusting attacks. 

But this one former NBA player’s racist rant toward a sitting Supreme Court Justice was especially vile. 

There is nothing “anti-racist” about the radical Left

The Left often prides itself on being “anti-racist” and standing on the side of the “oppressed,” but more often than not the exact opposite is true. 

Whenever a person who the Left believes should be a Democrat speaks out against them, they hurl disgusting comments about that person. 

That is because the Left believes in tribalism and the division of our nation.  

The Founding Fathers knew what they were talking about when they said “United we stand, divided we fall.” 

Over the years, the Left has divided America more than ever before. 

By forcing Americans to fall into the trap of victimhood, Americans see themselves as gay, black, or a number of other identities instead of Americans. 

As a result, Americans are more deeply divided and untrusting of each other than ever before. 

The Left’s number one enemy

In the wake of the landmark Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, the Left has descended into (even more) madness. 

Instead of peacefully trying to get their point across, pro-abortion activists have resorted to appalling tactics such as protesting church services, threatening the lives of the children of Supreme Court Justices, and creating services to give children abortions without parental consent. 

And it seems as if every day, the Left gets more desperate and more hostile. 

But this latest attack on Clarence Thomas, an esteemed conservative Justice of the Supreme Court may be one of the most appalling to date. 

Rex Chapman, who is a largely forgotten and an irrelevant former NBA player, just unloaded some brutally racist attacks on Clarence Thomas. 

On Twitter, Chapman posted a picture of Justice Clarence Thomas at a graduation ceremony in which most of the graduates were white. 

This clearly angered Chapman who tweeted “The time Justice Clarence Thomas attended the graduation event of Christendom college students along with Late Justice Antonin Scalia’s son. 2018.  Not another person of color in the picture . . .” 

He then went on to tweet in a very threatening manner, “Clarence Thomas would last 20-30 seconds in an NBA locker room.”

These are very bold words from somebody who is almost entirely forgotten about in the basketball world. 

Chapman was a complete failure in the NBA, and most avid basketball fans could not even tell you who he was. 

Perhaps this is why he is such an angry, little man. 

These sort of racist attacks on black conservatives are very typical of the Left. 

Any black man who does not conform to their narrow agenda is either not “really black” and “Uncle Tom,” or worse. 

Attacks such as this prove exactly why many minority groups are beginning to shift away from the elite, racist Left.

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