A former James Bond villain just spilled the beans on the truth about conservatives in Hollywood

9EkieraM1, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

It’s obvious to most that Hollywood is completely controlled by Democrats.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few conservatives lurking in the shadows.

And now a former James Bond villain just spilled the beans on the truth about conservatives in Hollywood.

Actor says “closeted conservatives” are scared to speak out

Actor Robert Davi has been in several popular movies, but his most iconic role was as the Timothy Dalton-era James Bond villain Franz Sanchez in License to Kill.

Davi also played key roles in iconic movies like The Goonies and Die Hard.

He recently sat down with Fox News to promote his most recent film, Bardejov, and revealed that he’s been focusing on independent projects due to the fact that Hollywood effectively blacklists anyone who dares to be an open conservative.

“I’ve always wanted to start a movement in SAG. You talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion, except if you’re a conservative and you think differently. That’s the hypocrisy of the left,” Davi said.

The actor also said there are plenty of what he calls “closeted conservatives” in Hollywood who are scared to speak out because they live in constant fear. 

He said, “If he says something untoward about Trump, he’s not going to be blacklisted. He can say whatever he wants to say… he’ll still get hired. But if I say something, or if I go against the grain or against the current, we’re blacklisted, so there is a fear.”

Davi also said many of his own friends won’t even allow him to promote his new film on their podcasts.

According to the actor, they’re afraid the woke left-wing outrage mob will punish them for “guilt by association” if they give a platform to an outspoken conservative. 

“It’s a sick world. It’s a sick society. It’s a sick media that is continuing to foster that whole issue, and they’re not held accountable. I want to hold them accountable,” he said.

Davi started his career appearing on several classic TV shows, including Dynasty, Charlie’s Angels, Hill Street Blues, The Incredible Hulk, The A-Team, L.A. Law, St. Elsewhere, and more. 

Some of his more recent roles include appearances on CSI and The Expendables 3, and Davi has starred alongside iconic actors like Maron Brando, Christopher Walken, and Bruce Willis. 

Davi hopes the new film stirs conversation

The actor’s new film, Bardejov, is based on the true story of Jewish leader Rafuel Lowy, who helped to save the Jewish population of Bardejov, Slovakia during World War II.

Davi plays Lowy in the film, and he quipped that he must be the only Catholic Italian-American who has played both an Orthodox Jew and a Palestinian.

The actor met with 17 of Lowy’s relatives to ensure that the film was as historically accurate as possible. 

He said the movie, which is available on Amazon Prime Video, is “very faith-based” and is a “beautiful story.”

The actor also said he hopes that those engaging in openly anti-Semitic, pro-terrorist woke extremist nonsense on college campuses see the film because they could use a history lesson.

“In life, what’s past is prologue, and we have a youth that has been lobotomized in terms of our history,” said Davi.

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